Monthly Look Ahead: March 2020

Prepare yourselves for one very exciting post on this leap day.

Just kidding. It’s incredibly boring. Because I, for what I think is the first time, have only ONE thing to look forward to this March. Isn’t that sad? After a moderately eventful February, you’d think I’d be okay with a quiet(er) March, but as this MLA will prove, there’s a difference between quiet and boring. Usually there are a few things going on, but between my social life being a big nope and a sucky selection of movies coming out, I only have one thing.

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  • The soundtrack for the Broadway version of Sing Street, a movie I adore, is out on the 26th. Because I love the movie and its soundtrack so much, I’m excited to hear this version of the songs (two songs are already out!) but if we’re being honest, there’s a good chance I won’t like them as much as the original, because I almost never do.

Anyway, because I only have that one thing to look forward to, and you blog readers deserve more from me, here’s a list of things that maybe could happen this month, but probably not because there’s been no confirmation. And if they don’t, they you’ll probably see them in some future MLA post.

  • Ben Platt may release his filmed concert on Netflix. In December he said, and I quote, “putting some finishing touches on the @netflix special I cannot wait to share it with you in the new year” so you’d think that would mean he’d be sharing it soon in the new year based on that phrasing. March is the last month of the first quarter, so you’d think it’d be happening, but there’s been no news yet.
  • Neon Trees may be releasing another single (or perhaps the album?). They released their first comeback single in November and have since released a music video, a lyric video, and an acoustic video for that song, so there’s really not much more they can squeeze out of it. Actually, they could do acapella, but that’s not their style. Anyway, it’s time for more music from them.
  • Season two of The Umbrella Academy may come out. Last month they said “soon” and it has been a year since season one, but similar to Ben Platt’s concert, Netflix isn’t really known for surprise drops, so I’m kind of doubting anything.

It could happen gif.

I’m kind of really disappointed that my March is shaping up to be quiet and lonely and uneventful. But who knows, sometimes there are last-minute things that happen, so I’m sure there’ll be at least one more.

What are you looking forward to this March? Surely something better than me?

That’s all for now!


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: March 2020

  1. Well, I also have ONE thing to look forward to: The Anastasia Informance with Club Blume- the next day really determines if I will see the musical- so the 24/25th are important days.

    I kinda of thought of one more: I think Blumenthal will release their upcoming season this month.

    I do know this- March will be better than February

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