Valentine’s Day Is Not That Big Of A Deal

Well, tomorrow is the 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day!

hearts gif.

This informal holiday, much like Christmas, has become really commercialized. Chocolates marked up in every store, pink and red hearts all over, cutesy cards, and an expectation that you and your significant other will celebrate, because why else would you be in love than if not to buy into this day?

I sound bitter. I’m not bitter. I think it’s great that couples can enjoy the day. I think it’s great that all that chocolate will be discounted on the 15th, and that’s when my father will swoop in and bring home the goodies while my mother shakes her head disapprovingly. I think it’s great that Valentine’s Day was such a fun event in elementary school because we just passed out funny cartoon cards and candy to each other. (Throwback to third grade when some kid gave everyone little bags of cinnamon hearts, and I was one of the few people who liked them, so I ended up with a giant bag and the next day, my teacher had to tell me that I really shouldn’t be snacking on them at 9am). Anyway, back to the topic on hand: if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day tomorrow, good for you! I seriously hope you have a wonderful day!

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What I don’t like, though, is this idea that Valentine’s Day should be for single people just as much. Because it’s really not. I don’t need to pamper myself or treat myself any differently on the 14th because I’m single. I don’t care. It’s just weird to see articles online like “8 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single” because it’s like saying “8 Ways To Celebrate Hanukkah When You’re Not Jewish.” You just don’t. This day is mostly not for you, and you shouldn’t feel weird about that. Just live your life normally like you would on any other day and let those in relationships do what they want to do.

If you want to treat yourself on the 14th, I’m not stopping you. I just hope you’re not doing it because you feel pressured into doing it. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You’re not more or less worthy of love or a relationship because you buy yourself flowers or something. Even if you are in a relationship, you don’t have to celebrate either. While there is a bit of history behind Valentine’s Day like Christmas, it’s not like a big thing you must acknowledge the way Christians acknowledge Jesus’ birth on December 25th. If you want to not celebrate this highly commercialized day, that’s fine. After all, you have anniversaries to use as a Special Love Day.

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And if you want to instead (or additionally) spend the day celebrating familial or platonic love, that’s also fine! We are of course allowed to do this (Galentine’s Day, anyone?), but it’s just more of the idea that it’s largely framed in society to be done only as a consolation act because we don’t have a romantic relationship to celebrate that kind of annoys me.

I’ve gathered one more round of silly Tumblr Valentines to send tomorrow to friends, and I’m not sending them because I’m sad that I’m single or I want to insert myself in this holiday, I’m sending them because they’re very funny and I want to laugh at them with my friends and it’d be weird to send them on any other day.

it's not that deep gif.

I’ve edited this post so much so I don’t I sound like some salty old spinster just instantly vomiting at the sight of some white teddy bear holding a plush heart. I need you to know that I am not bitter. I’ve been single on every Valentine’s Day in my 23.5 years of life, and I literally have never been bothered. Would be really cool to be in a happy relationship where I could celebrate Valentine’s Day? Sure. But I’m not going to force myself into one or feel especially bad if I’m not. It’s just easier to, like,…not waste thoughts on it. Because Valentine’s Day is just really not that big of a deal. And that’s my point. You do you, and don’t let society’s importance on this one day dictate how you feel or what you do.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?



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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Is Not That Big Of A Deal

  1. I love it, I always have even though I have been single my whole entire life, but now that I have a boyfriend this will be the first time I celebrate it.
    Although I will probably make it clear to him that this shouldn’t be the only day that he demonstrates his love just because of the day, it should be all the time, but I totally see where you’re coming from.

  2. I’m with you! And that’s coming from someone who is (happily) married. I begged my husband to agree to no gifts this year. We ended up compromising with just consumables <$20. I'm all for the sentimentality behind the holiday, but the gross commercialization just makes me feel icky. But, then again, when I happened to go into Target this evening (Valentine's Eve) for some shampoo, I was rather shocked to see that the entire seasonal section of Valentine's crap was all picked over and mostly sold out. So I guess I'm in the minority.

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