I Guess I Sold My Soul To More People

A few years ago, I wrote a post declaring that I sold my soul to Mike Schur, the creator of shows like Parks And Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He did go on to create The Good Place, which I also enjoy (even if I never did find it LOL-funny). And while I still believe in Schur’s ability to create great TV and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next, the truth is, he’s not the sole owner of my soul. Here are the other lucky soul-holders:

  1. John Carney is an Irish writer and director. He’s the mastermind behind my favourite movie, Begin Again, as well as the movies Once (though I wasn’t a huge fan of this), Sing Street, and the new Amazon show Modern Love. All these things mentioned have been so good, so heartfelt, and involved great music that I know Carney had a hand in. I will now and maybe forever watch anything with his name on it.
    John carney.
  2. Greg Berlanti must have more hours in the day than the rest of us because he is a writer/producer who’s currently got 15 shows currently on the air with several more in development, and they’re in a bunch of different genres, which is cool. Out of them, I currently watch 11 and will probably try out many of the upcoming ones. That’s not to say that all the shows with his name on are gems, but the truth is, they’ve had a huge impact on my viewing habits, and I’d go so far to say that some of them have been favourites of mine.
    Greg Berlanti.
  3. Shania Twain is a Canadian pop/country singer who’s known worldwide. Can you name one bad song of hers? No you cannot because every single song is so good. Full albums of quality music. Even her newest album a few years ago, which wasn’t as fun as her older stuff in my opinion, still has good songs. I saw her live in 2015 and it was great.
    Shania Twain.
  4. Marvel has a firm grasp on me when it comes to things on a screen. They’re out here announcing five year plans and all these Disney+ things, and I know I’ll be seeing it all. As for a person though, Kevin Feige is the head of Marvel, and there is the phrase “In Feige we trust” which I currently standby.
    Kevin Feige
  5. Team Starkid is a theater group you may not have heard of, but I’ve been a fan of them for about a decade. A Very Potter Musical was their claim to fame, and Emmy Award winner Darren Criss was the star of that. All their musicals are all on YouTube, and they’re all so funny and unique. Plus the Starkids themselves, as many as they are, all seem very nice and genuine, as well as being insanely talented. There haven’t been any scandals or anything. If you like or think you may like parody musicals, then check them out.
    Team Starkid


Listen, as a consumer of a lot of media, it’s totally normal to have God-tier favourites, and these 5 are it for me. There’s probably more, too. And I’d like to know who you’ve sold your soul to. Because I think everyone has some ride-or-die person/creator/company that you can’t shut up about because you just love their work so much.

That’s all for now!


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