Spammers Need To Step It Up

I think everyone has at one point gotten some spam in their life. Maybe it was an email. Maybe it was a sketchy phonecall. And if you’re a blogger, maybe it was a comment.

WordPress’s Akismet does a great job catching spam comments. I think there’s only ever been maybe one or two that have gotten through for me, and out of over 1100+, that’s really good.

spam gif

I like reading the spam that comes in to my blog. Most of it is garbage and gibberish, but once in a while there’s something funny. So I decided to screenshot all the spam I get for a few weeks, just to show you what I go through. This isn’t all my spam, but I didn’t bother screenshotting the (many, many) doubles, so just know there was a lot more than the 20 I have here. There’s a lot of sketchy links and a lot of very random, unrelated gibberish, and even some foreign languages. Please enjoy my spam! (Sorry the formatting is weird; I wanted to make it into a slideshow but the text was hard to read that way, so this way you can click the images and read them clearer or flip through them quickly).

Fun stuff, right? I’m mostly just surprised that people (/robots?) waste time trying to do this on my little blog. Surely there are more popular blogs run by dumber people. I’ve love to know the click-through rate for spammers like this. Is anyone falling for it?

Do you think i'm an idiot gif.

And what really interests me the most is just how wildly stupid and unrelated this spam is. Do I seem like I need Cialis or other online meds? Even if I did, I wouldn’t buy it through these awkward, choppy, copy/paste spam comments. I think that even if these spammers had a sketchy link, I’d be 1000% more inclined to click it if they presented it in a more relatable way. They could be like “Hey! I liked this post. I agree that Agents Of SHIELD is the best Marvel show. I write about TV too! Check out my blog!” and have some random link and I’d probably click it just in case it’s a real blogger.

My point is that spammers really need to step up their game. The internet is full of morons, and I think that with a little effort and a little creativity, spammers could totally get some more of them to click these awful, awful comments.

Do better gif.

I can’t wait to see what garbage spam I get on this post.

That’s all for now!


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3 thoughts on “Spammers Need To Step It Up

    • Hahaha, I don’t know, I consider the word ‘screenshot’ to be singular, as in “I took a screenshot” and the plural to be ‘screenshots”. So my brain decided that screenshotted was the past tense. Urban Dictionary agrees with me. Besides, I think it’s better than ‘screenshat’, which was an option a Reddit user suggested.

  1. Boy, can I relate with this. I feel like I get 30-50 spam comments on my main site each month, and it’s only got like 29 followers, most of which I can’t even tell if they read my posts. No clue why they’d go to my tiny site with their sketchy links when there are probably hundreds of other, more popular sites they could take it to on WordPress alone, but at least it can be a fun read when they do.

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