Be Me Bingo Card

I saw this idea on Tumblr and thought it was fun, but I’m more of a passive Tumblr user, so I knew no one would see it or do it if I did my own there. So here we are on my blog.

So we probably all know how to play Bingo, but since I know it’s more of a North American game and I do have readers all over the world, here’s a quick explanation: Usually a Bingo card has random numbers in all the boxes, and an elected leader would call out numbers like B12 or G60 and you’d mark off what ones you have on your board in an attempt to get a straight line. The middle one is a free space. Once you get a line, you yell Bingo! and win. Pretty simple. My grandmother plays it on Friday nights, and I always ask her, “Nonna, what did you win at Bingo?” and she always shrugs and says “fifteen cents” because they play for nickles, apparently.

yelling bingo gif.

Anyway, on Tumblr, I’ve seen people make Bingo cards with personality traits rather than numbers to see who best aligns with them. It’s cute and a quick way to know someone.

So here’s me in a Bingo card:

Coolbeans4 bingo card.

Yes, I did make this on Microsoft Paint, thanks for noticing! I encourage you to play by copy/pasting the image into MS Paint and marking off what applies to you, then pasting it into a comment below or by Tweeting it at me. There’s no pressure and no winners. Unless you get all of them, in which case you’re legally obligated to be my new best friend. Otherwise, I’m just curious to see who best aligns with me, and what boxes of mine no one relates to.

And feel free to make your own! If you do, I’ll play! I just Googled ‘blank bingo template’ to get the boxes and it took me like 20 minutes to think of the traits to fill in and then another 20 minutes moving the boxes around.

Well, hopefully you found this fun and consider it Quality Blog Content, because that’s the goal, always.

you're welcome gif.

That’s all for now!


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