Take Me Behind All The Scenes

I recently read a book I saw a fellow blogger mention on Instagram. It was called I’ll Be There For You and it was all about the hit TV show Friends. The author highlighted why Friends was a success and why it remains a success even today with people who, like myself, were babies when the show was on. There were also cool stories about the show’s creators, some of the drama between the NBC and Warner Bros over the years, the cast, and much more. I very much enjoyed reading it. It was informative and fun and was written by someone who also loved the show, which came across well. I recommend it.

I love things like that book because I find behind the scenes things very fascinating. Especially when it’s about something I already have an interest in, such as TV shows or musicals or something. I think it’s so neat to learn about all the little things that went into creating something bigger and well known because they’re important parts but are rarely shared.

Interesting. I like it. gif.

I wish we got more behind the scenes things in general. Whenever I watch a TV show, the first thing I usually do when I finish it (provided I like it) is scour the internet to find any bloopers, behind the scenes videos, and interviews I can find. Sometimes I get lucky and can find a lot of great content, but some shows have a lack of the good stuff. When Glee was a few seasons in, a then-friend lent me a book all about the making of Glee‘s first season. It went through every episode, every song, every cast member, just giving tidbits of info and facts. I finished that book, turned it over, and read it again right then and there because I loved it so much. I prayed for a book on the second season, but never saw one. Glee also stands out to me as far as TV shows go because for almost every episode, there was behind the scene interviews and footage put on YouTube ahead of the episode. They were so fun and I loved watching them. Despite the fact that we never got the bloopers we were promised (and I’ll die mad about it), I think Glee did a good job giving fans a lot of bonus content, so thanks to Fox for that! I wish every show/musical/sports team/startup company had a person just documenting everything so it can be shared with eventual fans.

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One reason I think I’m so attracted to the behind the scenes thing is because it highlights the real fun work that goes into creating these big things. As a creative person and as a media consumer, I love seeing how ideas come to life and then go on to inspire and entertain millions. In my second year of university, I kind of came to a realization that I wanted to be a part of something like that. I want to be a part of something that people were excited to use/consume/do. Given that I live in Canada, my dreams of working on a TV set aren’t the most realistic, but there’s so much more I can do. This blog is a start, because it’s me creating content for you guys to read and (hopefully) enjoy…though a behind the scenes look at that wouldn’t be interesting at all—it’s just me slouched in a Snuggie typing quietly at odd times of the day.

Anyway, I love fun behind the scenes things, so if you know of any good books similar to the Friends one or videos or something, let me know so I can consume it!

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8 thoughts on “Take Me Behind All The Scenes

  1. I don’t know how you feel about the movie The Princess Bride (I personally love it and 80s movies in general) but Cary Elwes wrote an entire book about the making of the film and what it was like being on set.

  2. Behind the scenes stuff is really what made me want to work on a TV/movie set someday. If you’re interested in BTS theatre stuff I really recommend checking out Hamilton: The Revolution and Dear Evan Hansen: Through the Window. They have the whole script and score as well as notes about the creative process from the show’s creators and it’s just super fascinating.

    • I’ve read the Hamilton one! Loved it!
      I thiiink I knew there was a DEH one too, but thanks for the reminder! I’ve requested for my local library to get it because I really want to read it now!

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