Monthly Look Ahead: June 2019

Juuuuune. Here we are. It came so fast and I have a feeling it’ll go by really fast. Next thing you know it’ll be July. And then what? August? Ridiculous.

Anyway, Junes are usually decent months for me, and that’s not just because they are my birth month. So let’s dive into what I’ve got coming up. And then tell me (in the comments or in your own post) what you’re looking forward to in your June.

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  • The Tony’s are on the 9th. They’re always a fun show to watch because a) performances and b) they seem less political and more fun and joyful. Just a bunch of theater nerds geeking out, ya know? But what do I know; I watch from my couch. Anyway, every year I try and watch to find bootlegs for the big shows nominated so I can have some basis of knowledge for the evening. I’ve yet to watch a few, so I gotta get on that.
  • As I said, my birthday is coming up on the 16th. That’s Father’s Day this year, which is neat because I was born actually on Father’s Day, and the days only align every eight years or so. I’m glad my birthday is not on a weekday so I don’t have to spend it alone at work and I can instead spend it alone at home.
  • For my birthday, I asked for tickets to Dear Evan Hansen because really I want to see it and it’s playing near me for a few more weeks only. We’re actually going before my birthday, but that just means I get to see it sooner. I am very excited. I adore the soundtrack and can’t wait to see it live.
    Dear evan hansen.
  • Season 3 of Jessica Jones is out on the 14th. This is the last of Marvel’s Netflix shows, which is kind of sad. I hope it ends on a great note, but I’m not too optimistic given that I thought JJ‘s second season was kind of bad. Of course, Daredevil had a sucky second season too yet surprised me with a fantastic third, so I never know.
  • Toy Story is back with a 4th installment (a fourquel?) and though Toy Story is not my favourite Pixar series, they were all good movies. I’m a little wary for this new one on the 21st, but based on the trailers, it doesn’t look bad. I won’t be lining up to see it right away, but I do want to see it eventually.
  • Last year a Superman prequel show called Krypton aired, and it wasn’t that great, but I watched it and now its second season is starting on the 12th. I’ll probably watch that too because a) it’s the summer so I don’t have much else to watch and b) I found myself thinking about the show a weird amount. So, yeah, bring it on.
  • The radio station I listen to at work is hosting an 80’s dance party this month, which sounds like a whack of fun. I bought two tickets, but haven’t yet confirmed who’ll be using the second ticket.
  • Another movie that looks alright is Yesterday. It’s about a guy who gets injured and wakes up in a world where the Beatles didn’t exist, so he capitalizes on that for his own music career. I’m not a huge Beatles fan by any means, but I think this is a clever movie idea, so I definitely want to see this.
    Yesterday movie poster.

Anyway, that’s my June. See, seems like it could be fun overall, right? Junes be like that. (Do y’all remember those books called Junie B Jones? Man, I was obsessed with those when I was a kid).

That’s all for now!


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8 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: June 2019

  1. V, I love your June! Sounds fun filled!
    I am looking forward to more cottage time, and maybe start some packing.
    Hope you have an amazing Birthday and I know you will have a Delish Cake for sure! 😘

    • Thank you so much!
      Going to a cottage sounds like fun! I hope you have good weather!
      I would love to get out of town for more than an afternoon and enjoy the new nice weather! I’m tired of putting on three layers at work every day!

  2. June- June tends to have an outdoor symphony: more specifically The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. We picnic there, and listen to the music. There is a Broadway theme this year.

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