Monthly Look Ahead: February 2019

Ah, February, the month of love. If you saw in my post about goals for the year, one was to maybe try online dating, and you’ll be pleased to know that I actually did download Tinder and am conversing with real boys, so that’s wild for me and I hope you’re all proud. Love isn’t fully in the air, but it’s a start.

Anyway, February is looking up to be a decent month for me. Here’s what I’ve got going on:

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  • For my birthday last year, my parents got me a pass to go try indoor sky diving, and for Christmas/his birthday, I got the same pass for my brother so we could go together. I also found out that our neighbours also have passes, so when everyone is home for reading week, we’re going to go. At the very least, my brother and I will go, and it looks like a really cool thing! I can’t even imagine what the sensation will feel like.
  • My parents and I are going to see Come From Away! I have been dying to see this show for almost two years, so we finally pulled the trigger and bought tickets. I’ve listened to the soundtrack dozens of times (and I cry most of the time) so I know it’s going to be a wonderful show. I am so excited!
    Come From Away logo and still.
  • I may be going to visit my best friend for a few days. I have some vacation days to use, and we’ve been talking about me going up there for years now, so I think the time is right. But nothing is confirmed yet.
  • I’m doing another curling bonspiel. I didn’t really plan on doing the club’s bigger bonspiels because they’re expensive and hardcore, but two guys I played with in one draw asked if I wanted to join their team, and I said yes. It’ll be fun. I even had to put together a costume of sorts!
  • The Oscars are on the 24th. I’ll be curling that night, but I will try to watch as much as I can. My parents and I are now trying to watch the Oscar movies (that we have an interest in seeing) so we can be ready.
  • Doom Patrol, a new show from DC, will begin on the 15th. We met most of the group in Titans, and they were enjoyable, so I have no reason not to watch this new show.
  • Ben Platt (of Pitch Perfect and Dear Evan Hansen fame) has a solo album and two of the songs are being released on the 1st. I know he has a great voice, but I’m excited to hear what kind of music he makes on his own and what the songs are about.

It’s a short month but I have a feeling it’ll fly by. January dragged on a little for me, and I did not appreciate that. Anyway, what’s your February looking like? Any fun events going on? Make your own MLA post and send it to me because I’d love to read it!

That’s all for now!


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7 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: February 2019

    • I know what you mean! Don’t force it. I find a handful of the movies get hype for weird reasons and they can’t all appeal to everyone (eg. Birdman was shot in one take and I hated that movie).

  1. Glad to hear you’re trying Tinder! My husband and I met on Match (years ago, though haha). It sounds like you have a fun month ahead! We did indoor sky-diving a few years ago. I found the sensation to be … odd! I think the hardest part for me for feeling as though I was unable to breathe, simply due to the strong gusts of wind coupled with the odd position I was in. It was fun though!! If you have longer hair, I highly recommend tying as much of it up into your helmet as possible, as it will end up very tangled from the wind!

    I’ve got a fun February to look forward to. We are going to Disney World at the end of the month, where I am running the Princess Half Marathon. It will be Jordan’s first trip there, and my first postpartum half marathon!

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