Monthly Look Ahead: January 2019

Another year, another January! I won’t ramble on about resolutions (because I have a post on that coming next week), but I do like how this month feels like it has potential to be great. So hopefully the things I’m about to list below aid in making this month a great one…monthly look ahead logo

  • This month I am participating in two curling bonspiels. I’m a fairly competitive person, so I think it’ll be fun to be in a competitive environment rather than just the casual weekly games.
  • Almost all my TV shows are back this month after the midseason finales.  Some are back the first week of January, so I’m glad I only have to do minimal waiting.
  • Also Brooklyn Nine-Nine starts this month. It’s not my favourite show but it’s a good one and I’m interested to see how NBC does it differently than Fox.
  • The Golden Globes are on the 6th. I curl that night, so I might have to record it to watch it later, but the hosts are Andy Sandberg and Sandra Oh, and I think they’ll do well.
  • Fox’s live production of Rent is to air on the 27th. Again, curling will conflict, but I’m very excited for this because Rent is a good musical. I do wonder how or if Fox will change the show to make it more primetime TV-friendly, but there’s nothing I can do but wait and see.
  • Season two of The Punisher is supposed to be out this month on Netflix. There’s been no set release date, which is concerning, so we’ll have to see. I’m obviously excited for this show to be back because season one was pretty good, but we just know it’s probably doomed to the same fate as its other Marvel Netflix siblings,  so I feel like I won’t be able to appreciate the show properly.

What’s going on this new month for you? Let me know!

And I hope you all have a great 2019 full of happiness, health, and success. I look forward to another year of blogging and keeping up with you and vice versa.

That’s all for now!


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12 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: January 2019

  1. I’m so excited for Rent! It’s one of my absolute favorite musicals. You bring up an interesting point about making it more prime time friendly. I wonder if they will change any of the lyrics, particularly in La Vie Boheme?

    • Considering that La Vie Boheme is mostly just yell-singing words, I think it’d be fairly easy to slip out a few of the more problematic words and slip in others.

      • True! The yell-singy parts would probably be the easiest to replace. If it’s airing prime time on Fox, I’m thinking they’ll probably replace the lines about sodomy and masturbation. But then again who knows! I watch very little TV, so I actually don’t know what flies these days.

  2. Great article!

    I am so looking forward to all the TV Shows returning as well! I was a bit happy when they all had their mid-season finales so I could actually catch up on the many shows that I fell behind on during the fall season.

    I hope Brooklyn 99 stays the same as it did on FOX. I think that show is just perfection

    • Happy New Year to you too!
      B99 is a good show, but sometimes Jake is a little too silly and Gina is a bit too over the top for my liking. Maybe NBC will tweak the characters slightly. But I am looking forward to it!

  3. I’d love to say I’m excited about the new season of The Punisher, because I did love the first season. But it’s got this shadow of cancellation hanging over it. I started watching the third season of Daredevil and only got two episodes in when news broke that it was cancelled, too. So I haven’t bothered watching the rest. I just felt like I shouldn’t get invested…

    • Nooooo! You must continue season three of Daredevil! It’s so good! Like, season one good! Don’t let whatever drama Marvel and Netflix have going on stop you from enjoying good shows!

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