Christmas Songs I Dislike

I know this post’s timing is a little weird given that last week I wrote about people who were looking for fights and ruining Christmas content for everyone else, so I’m starting this off by saying that though I dislike these songs, I’m not trying to get them off the radio and I’m not shaming anyone who likes them. There is a difference between ‘this is an inherently bad song’ and ‘this is a song I personally don’t like hearing’. Plus, this is my last post before Christmas, so now is the only relevant time to share it. I know it’s a little hypocritical, but it’s not my intention.

I’ve expressed a love for Christmas music before, and while I can happily have a Christmas radio station playing all day (I have it on all day at work), there are a few songs I don’t love. Not every song can be a hit or appeal to everyone.

Santa Baby‘ by Michael Buble

Even the Christmas music king can have some weak spots, and I think this song is one for Buble. Instead of flirting with Santa, he’s befriending him in a bromance way. It sounds good on paper because it is a unique twist on the classic song that I normally don’t mind, but this is just weird to listen to. It’s awkward. I mean, “Santa, pally?” It’s time to stop.
Leslie Knope not liking something she's listening to.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas‘ by Gayla Peevey

I’ll admit that this song is cute in a kiddy kind of way and damn it if it isn’t catchy, but it’s also annoying and too silly. Why a hippo? I don’t know or care. I heard that it’s one of my most requested Christmas songs (on the station I listen to, at least) and that just boggles my mind because there are SO MANY better songs out there. I hate getting it stuck in my head.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth‘ by various artists

Again, this is a cutesy novelty song that it’s just kind of annoying and I’d rather hear almost anything else. Are kids even that desperate for their front teeth to grow in?

Christmas Don’t Be Late‘ by Alvin And The Chipmunks

The Chipmunks are the ultimate form of annoying music. I am so thankful that trend of Chipmunking regular songs and uploading it to YouTube is over. If this song was sung with regular vocals, it could be decent, but instead we’re stuck with the screechy rodent voices.

Fairytale Of New York‘ by the Pogues

This song is somehow widely recognized as one of the best Christmas songs but I can’t fathom how because it’s not that great. The male vocals sound like the singer was tone-deaf and drunk, and it’s not really a pleasant song. I don’t mind the change in pace and the female vocals, but it’s not enough to make me enjoy it.

That's not good gif.

My Favourite Things‘ from the Sound Of Music

My biggest beef with this song is that it’s not really Christmassy. It mentions a few things related to the season (snowflakes, mittens, sleigh bells…) amongst many other things (bee stings, roses, doorbells…), so I don’t qualify it as a reasonable Christmas song. It’s not a bad song, I just don’t want to hear it between November 15th and December 26th. Similarly, I don’t think ‘Hallelujah’ is a Christmas song at all, Pentatonix.

Last Christmas‘ by Victoria Duffield

I am not a fan of this girl’s voice at all, and so I certainly do not appreciate it in my favourite Christmas song. On top of that, the dance beat is just really generic and doesn’t fit in well with the song at all. It’s trying so hard to make the classic Wham! jam a dance song but it just ruins it for me.


The good news is that these songs don’t play that often. I did some light estimates (look at me, doing math!) and I think that this year I’ll listen to over 200 hours of Christmas music (just over 8 full days) and the above seven songs take up a small percentage of that time, so I think I’ll survive.

What Christmas songs do you not love?


And since, as I said, this is the last post before Christmas, I just wanted to wish everyone a good holiday! My family’s plans aren’t anything super wild, but it’ll still be nice to get some time off work and see some relatives.

Merry christmas gif.


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Songs I Dislike

  1. I had never heard of the Pogues or “Fairytale of New York,” so naturally I went to YouTube. All I can say is … Yikes!!! It literally does sound like the lead male singer is drunk! Also there was that bit where they were fighting and calling each other names, which seems incongruous with Christmas.

    I totally agree with your list here. And that’s coming from someone who is a huge Christmas music fanatic. I absolutely adore Michael Bublé, but his version of Santa Baby is pretty cringy. I think it doesn’t help that it feels like he slurs some of the words, so I legitimately didn’t realize he was saying “Santa Buddy” and not “Santa Baby” until quite recently.

    And while I LOVE The Sound of Music as a film and musical, it’s always perplexed me how people thing of “My Favorite Things” as a Christmas song.

    To your list, I might add “Dominick the Donkey.” It’s in the same vein as Hippopotamus and Two Front Teeth.

    • Oh man, I forgot about ‘Dominick The Donkey’! Yes, that song definitely deserves a place on this list. I don’t often hear this song because it’s only my backup Christmas station that plays it, and this year I never tuned in.
      But I’m glad you agree with my list! What’s your favourite Christmas song?

      • Yeah “Dominick the Donkey” is a pretty awful song, haha!

        Oh gosh, my favorite religious Christmas song is “O Holy Night.” My favorite secular Christmas song that’s slow/sentimental is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” And my favorite upbeat secular Christmas song is “Step Into Christmas” by Elton John.

    • That’s fair. It certainly can be overplayed because there are several versions of the same song that get played throughout the day, and that’s not something that happens on regular radio.

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