Stop Ruining Christmas Music (And Looking For Fights Where There Aren’t Any)

As you’ve probably heard, the classic Christmas song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ has been the topic of debate for a few years now, though this past year, with #MeToo being so prominent in our society, these debates have started to have consequences. A few radio stations that play Christmas music have banned the song. In Canada, Rogers and Bell (two big media companies) have done this, meaning that the Christmas station I listen to no longer plays any version of the song.

I don’t love Rogers and Bell’s decision. I liked the song. I understand why some people dislike it, but I personally think the song is more playful and flirty than it is creepy. There’s also this Tumblr post, examining the song from a historical perspective, which is important to consider (not that Tumblr is always a credible source, but still). Either way, it is what it is. And people are entitled to their opinions, especially on topics like this where there isn’t one right answer.

But then my dad showed me this article in The Toronto Star in which a writer decided that there are a few more Christmas songs that are also offensive. And this, my friends, is what we call a damn big reach.

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Like, yes, obviously some songs on this list like ‘Santa’s Got The AIDS This Year’ and ‘Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas’ are songs that are inexcusable. No one’s arguing about that (mostly because no one knows about them; they get no airtime and are super old). I’m just mind blown that this dude thinks that there are disturbing connotations in songs as fun and pure as ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and ‘White Christmas’. Who really thinks ‘White Christmas’ is about racism? Or that ‘Jingle Bells’ is about dangerous driving? It’s wild that this writer not only had these opinions but then thought that he should share them in one of Canada’s biggest newspapers. As if people would read this and agree and there’d be a big movement. There’s a difference between looking at something at another angle/bringing new perspectives to the table and looking for fights because you live in an angry parallel universe. And even if we all agreed that yeah, ‘Santa Baby’ is a little weird (which it kind of is), it doesn’t mean it should be pulled off the radios. We’re allowed to like and have slightly problematic things. It’s the same with the story of Rudolf The Reindeer. People have recently taken to the internet to express how the story basically condones bullying until the victim can become useful to the masses. And sure, I guess that isn’t completely wrong, but it’s still a decent Christmas movie, and kids should be allowed to watch it. Because kids aren’t the ones coming up with these inane arguments, and no kid is going to become a bully because Dasher the reindeer was a bully.

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I think that some people are just looking for fights. I read a blog post the other day where the blogger rebutted the opinions of a writer who wrote an article claiming that Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ music video was anti-LGBTQ. I saw the video (out of curiosity, I’m not really an Ariana fan at all) and let me tell you: it’s not. For example, the writer said that Kris Jenner’s line in the video (she literally just says “thank you, next!” at the end) was a direct attack on Caitlin Jenner, and I can assure you that Kris has better things to do than make subtle hits at her ex by being in a music video about being your best self. This writer’s claims were so insane that they got death threats and the website took down the article and apologized. Luckily, in the blog post I read, Ren had a lot of direct quotes so you can get the gist there. Please read it and her great rebuttals to understand just how much of a reach this writer came up with.

There are a lot of things to be angry about in this world. Do I spend a little bit too much time being angry at rather insignificant things like the cancellation of TV shows? Sure. See my last post for proof. But at least I’m not looking for fights where there are none. I’m not trying to make others angry and ruining things that don’t need ruining. Some people, like the writers of the two above articles, are, and they need to stop. Society and what we deem acceptable is a tricky thing, especially these days. Let’s try and be sensible about what we’re getting angry at. It’ll make our lives a lot easier.

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That being said, at least I got a good laugh out of knowing that someone on this planet really thinks that Ariana Grande was “flaunting her heterosexual pride” in her video. Maybe these far-reaching woke people are just in it for the chuckles. Here, I’ll give it a try: the Christmas radio station near me used to sometimes play the Glee version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ sung by two males, so by banning it, Rogers and Bell are definitely homophobic. Hmm, yeah, that was fun! I feel like a better, smarter person!

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5 thoughts on “Stop Ruining Christmas Music (And Looking For Fights Where There Aren’t Any)

    • I’ll admit that I never read it as facetious or even considered it an option, and I think that because some of the songs on there (the AIDS one, for example) really are problematic. But maybe you’re right!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The more hate that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” gets, the more I love it actually. It’s a fun, flirtatious song, in my opinion. I read the tumblr post and have to agree with them. Yes, the song references things that feel foreign in our #metoo society, but I think it’s good to see how cultural standards of pre-marital sex used to be, to see how far we’ve come.

    I legitimately can’t tell if that Toronto Star article is serious or tongue-in-cheek. At first I thought, “surely this is all in jest,” but then when I got to the inclusion of the AIDS song and the drinking/domestic violence song, I started to think they were being serious.

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