That Time I Had A Mosquito In My Ear

I currently have about seven mosquito bites on the back of my thigh, right under my butt, which is a really awful spot for scratching. I don’t know when I got them but I have on my longest shorts to cover them up. But would you believe that this isn’t the worst mosquito-related incident I’ve ever faced? As you can tell from the title, I once had a mosquito in my ear, and I thought it’d be a fun story to tell. If YouTubers can do random storytimes, so can I.

So this happened when I was maybe eight or nine years old and I was in bed trying to fall asleep. But I couldn’t because this sound kept me awake. Every minute or two, I’d hear this really weird sound that was loud and clear and unusual. It sounded like a single twang of a guitar string with a slight echo. Considering that I don’t own a guitar, it was a really odd sound to be hearing in my room, especially with such clarity. So I called out for my mom.

Calling for mom

Mom came in and was a little concerned about this information. I’m not one to cry wolf, but she couldn’t hear the sound when I still clearly could. What do you do when your daughter claims to hear guitar strums at night? I turned on my little lamp and she sat right next to me, but she still couldn’t hear it. I remember her even pressing her ear to my ear and still not hearing it. Eventually we resorted to kind of shaking my head around and rubbing my ear. I guess that worked because I couldn’t hear the sound after several minutes of us sitting there, listening in silence.

And then Mom noticed something on the wall. She turned on the overhead light and we both stared at a very large mosquito. We kind of both clued in at the same time: the mosquito must have been in my ear. Luckily, it didn’t bite me in there or lay eggs or anything, but it was still creepy to experience. I hate bugs (though I suppose mosquitos aren’t the worst compared to others) so having one inside me was weird, and it took me a while to fall asleep after that.

Kimmy Schmit survived

So that’s the story of when I had a mosquito in my ear. There’s not really a moral here except like, maybe don’t let mosquitos into your house? I’ve often considered sharing random stories here–is this a thing you’d want to read? I don’t have that many, but it’s an easy blog post, and I like when things are easy.

That’s all for now!

P.S. Speaking of mosquitos, do you use heat on mosquito bites? We have this thing that my family calls The Heat Thing (see below) and it just applies heat to your bite which is supposed to soothe it, and I don’t know if I believe it works. I feel like it’s a placebo. Thoughts?

Mosquito bite heat thing
Our Heat Thing is black, but this is similar.

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3 thoughts on “That Time I Had A Mosquito In My Ear

  1. I read a clickbait FB article a few weeks ago about a woman who had a cockroach crawl into her ear and die and it took visits to like 3 different doctors to get all of it out of her ear. Isn’t that lovely? Aren’t bugs the best.

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