5 Feel-Good TV Shows

There are a lot of TV shows out there these days, and I enjoy watching so many of them, but not all the shows I watch are feel-good shows. Even the ones that are my favourites, like Agents Of SHIELD, stress me out more than they do calm me. I love it, but it’s not exactly the kind of show you want to watch right before bed or when you’re having a bad day and just want to relax with some TV. So I decided to compile a small list of shows that are 100% always feel-good and if you’re ever in a situation where you just want or need to watch a pure, happy show, I hope you’ll choose one of these.

1. Cash Cab

Obviously the version I watch is the Canadian one (which is the best one!), but I assume the versions around the world are just as feel-good. This show is great, and you learn some things while watching. The show is about a taxi cab driven by a host who, as he takes people to their destination, asks them a bunch of trivia questions. If they get the questions right, they win cash. If they get three wrong, they have to leave the cab. This show is great because you get these fun groups of friends who didn’t expect to be in such a cab, and they always get so into the game. They’re never mean to each other, and even if they lose, they’re just glad to have tried.
cash cab scene where happy players are about to highfive

2. Say Yes To The Dress

Okay, so maybe this show isn’t that appealing to men, but if any of you ladies haven’t seen this show, then you are missing out. At a fancy bridal shop, consultants help bride-to-be’s find their dream gown. I’m not even a big lover of dresses but I do like seeing all the different styles and how different people respond to them. And while there sometimes can be a bit of drama from the family/friends accompanying the bride, it’s never too annoying or intense. This show is also so positive. No matter what the bride looks like or what kind of dress they want or what their budget is, the consultants are always ready to do their best and make the bride happy. It’s so inclusive and nice. Say Yes to this show!
a consultant and a bride look at a dress with the bride's entourage in the back

3. Hollywood Game Night

This show has jumped around a bit in terms of scheduling and also doesn’t get a lot of notice, but it’s great. Jane Lynch hosts a game show featuring two teams, each team made up of three celebrities and a regular person. They play a bunch of fun games and money is donated to charities and it’s just a good time. It’s never too competitive, and everyone is so nice, and it’s fun to see celebrities having fun playing the games. And speaking of the games, they’re so creative and unique and entertaining to watch, really making this show stand out from other game shows. I’m laughing every episode. Currently it’s on this summer, Thursdays at 8 in America and Tuesdays at 9 in Canada. Sometimes game shows can get too intense or awkward, and HGN never is.
a scene of players mid-game

4. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen is the best. Let’s get that out there first. She’s so nice and funny and kind. I watched her show after school for most of high school, always looking forward to it, no matter who the guests were. Ellen encourages so many good things, from being active to being kind to helping others, all while being so casual and hilarious. Even when she is broaching sensitive topics or being serious, she always does it with respect. I wish I had time to watch this show every day again, or even more often, but I know that whenever I can catch it, or even just a clip, it’s always going to be so great. She and her show deserve the record-breaking number of Emmys she has.
ellen laughing during her show

5. Face Off

Reality competition shows are often drama-filled and forced, but not this one. It’s never rude or harsh. Contestants compete with their amazing makeup and prosthetic skills to create characters and designs under weekly themes and are then critiqued by a panel of three judges. As someone who can barely do her own eyeliner right, watching these amazing makeup designs and unique characters come to life is really cool. These people are so talented and are often their own worst critic. If you ever want to just sit back and watch amazing creations be made right in front of you, then this is the show for you, especially if you’re a fan of fantasy/sci-fi things.

contestant applies makeup to an alien face

Believe it or not, even listing five shows was kind of hard. I also consider comedies like Parks And Rec to be feel-good for me, but I can understand if aspects of it are not feel-good for everyone. These above shows are as pure and calming as they come. I enjoy watching them at all times because I never walk away feeling anything other than pleased.

What are your feel-good shows?

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33 thoughts on “5 Feel-Good TV Shows

    • I don’t really watch many food shows…I’m not a foodie at all. But I’ve heard good things about The Great British Bake Off. I’m Canadian, so I think watching it at its proper time will be hard, but maybe I’ll look into finding clips online or something!

      • I understand. I’m not much of a foodie myself. But I like baking, and I guess watching other people bake competitively. I there are a few episodes on YouTube but yes good luck finding it other wise… they have a few seasons on Netflix as well in certain countries. Not sure about Canada.

    • The concept of Love It Or List It is good, but I don’t have a huge interest in home reno shows, and the hosts of LIOLI are awful, especially the Canadian ones!

    • Isn’t Ellen great? I’m so glad her show is active on YouTube and social media so I can watch clips when I have time!
      Face Off is on Space/Syfy, so I don’t think it airs in the UK, which is a shame.

  1. First of all – thanks for the like! Secondly, my big feel-good show is Bob’s Burgers. Compared to something like Family Guy or South Park, the humour is never cruel or trying to make a point, it’s just simply fun.

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