Monthly Look Ahead: June 2017

We’re almost halfway through the year and that is WILD. But summer is upon us and who doesn’t love the sunshine and warmth? June is a nice month and there are some exciting things coming. Here is my Monthly Look Ahead.

monthly look ahead

  • Wonder Woman on June 2nd! I’m so excited for this movie because my girl Diana was the best part of Batman V Superman and I’m hearing great things about Wonder Woman. Not to mention that it’s the first solo female superhero movie in this new age (because we as a society have agreed to just never talk about Electra and Catwoman). DC movies have never really impressed me (or anyone) so I hope Wonder Woman changes that up.
    Image result for wonder woman posterShania Twain is FINALLY releasing new music. It’s been several years (like, seven I think?) since her last single and several more years since an album, so I am very much looking forward to new music, and luckily for me, her first new single called ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ is coming out this month. I don’t know what date for sure but I am so excited. I saw her in concert two years ago. She’s so amazing
  • My birthday! Ya girl’s turning 21! In Canada, turning 21 means nothing because I can already drink and vote and drive, but I think it is a cool milestone either way. June 16th is the day!
  • The Tony Awards on June 11th. I’m in Canada so I can’t afford to see Broadway shows live in New York, so the Tonys are a nice way for me to get to see songs from shows before I go find bootlegs.
  • There’s a band called Jim And The Povolos that fans of Team Starkid should know of and they’ve got a new album called Make Party coming out on June 16th. It’s been a few years since they’ve released a full album so I’m looking forward to this for sure.
  • Hollywood Game Night, a fun TV game show is returning for its fifth season on the 22nd. I’m so glad this show is airing in the summer rather than during regular season.

Image result for hollywood game night

  • Unreal‘s third season should be starting this month but they haven’t announced the premiere date yet (what slackers!). This is the only scripted show I watch in the summer and it’s always so dramatic, so I’m looking forward to it.
  • I’m going with my parents and family friends to see the musical Strictly Ballroom. I don’t know anything about it, but it’s a musical with fun dancing so I am excited. Have any of you seen it?
  • I have finished the first draft of my novel(!) so June will be the month of editing, and I am kind of looking forward to it and also not looking forward to that at all because I know how tedious editing can be and I know I have a lot to rewrite and fix.


And that’s my June. I’m also still jobless so this month will be the month where I decide what I do all summer. Luckily, no matter how that turns out, I’ll have the above things to look forward to. What’s going on in your June? Make your own MLA post and let me know!


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16 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: June 2017

  1. Honestly have no idea whats in store for June for me except for the Symphony in the Pops, which happens every Sunday in June. It has become a family tradition to go to every year

    • Like every writer I think, I go through phases of This Is The Single Best Piece Of Literature Ever and then phases of This Is Absolute Garbage Why Am I Doing This No One Will Enjoy It. I just gotta keep working at it!
      House renos can be a pain. What are you getting done?

      • I believe in you! How’s the course itself, are you enjoying it?

        Uh, all of it? It’s hard to know where to begin, ha! It’s a converted cottage that we’re converting back into its original two, so it involves knocking down all the walls, rebuilding the missing dividing wall, and reconstructing the layout basically.

        • I’m not actually in the course yet. It won’t start until January and I’m still waiting on professor approval. The idea is to have the material written going in (which is why a lot of students use material written in past classes) so I want to get it done over the summer while I have more time!

  2. It’s quite chilly here for June so far and at times i wonder back to Canda’s late winter snows and how they didn’t quite reach this far. We did have a couple of short-lived warm sunny spells though, but back to bit grey and miserable. As if the weather responds to socio-political circumstance and has a sensitive soul or something. We all need to get out and sing and dance more, cheer the weather. Very best wishes and many happy returns for your birthday celebration 🙂

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