Monthly Look Ahead: May 2017

It’s gonna be MAY. *headbangs*

Can you believe we’re about to enter the fifth month of the year? How did we get here so fast? But never mind that, let’s focus on enjoying this month. There are some exciting things coming up. As always, you are welcome to make your own MLA post because I want to know what’s getting you hyped up.

monthly look ahead

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 out on May 5th. Of course this is my number one. The first GOTG movie was amazing and the soundtrack was legendary, so I have very high hopes for this second movie. Though the soundtrack came out in the last week of April, I’m not listening to it until I see the movie. I’m so excited to see that group of idiots again…plus Baby Groot is adorable and I can’t wait for more of him!
Image result for baby groot gif
I love this tree more than anything, okay?
  • The TV Upfronts in mid-May and though I won’t be there physically there, I’m excited for this event for two reasons. One, because they announce which last-minute shows they’ll be renewing and my fingers are still crossed tightly for an Agents Of SHIELD and Blindspot renewal, and two, they release trailers for all the new shows coming in the fall, and I like watching them. Should I do another post on them?
  • Speaking of TV, May is finale month, and though I’m sad to see my shows end for the summer, the last episodes are always so good. I just hope no one I love dies…
  • The Dirty Dancing remake airs May 24th on ABC. The original movie wasn’t a favourite of mine by any means, but I’m interested to see how this remake is. I’m always down to watch a musical.
  • The amazing band R5 has a new EP called New Addictions coming out on May 12th. Their music is always so good and so fun, so I’m really excited to hear this.
  • This is really nerdy but sometime in early May my school will release the course list for the coming year and I lowkey enjoy planning my schedule and courses, especially because the coming year will be my final year so being able to plan it out is really satisfying. I just hope the courses I want to take don’t overlap and there are no issues because that really sucks.


And that’s how my May is looking! What do you have going on this month? Any plans to enjoy the upcoming warm weather?

And, as it is tradition, here is an obligatory picture of my favourite May, Melinda May from Agents Of SHIELD, who did this sick move last week, proving yet again, that she is the very best.


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10 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: May 2017

  1. I already have some summer plans. Next week is finals week, which I never look forward to. But love when each one gets finished. My finals are on Wednesday and Thursday. This summer, I will be working as hostess at AppleBees. I was hired as a seasonal worker last summer, which is a good thing considering the fact that I am a college student.

    Sometime in May, I am attending a Les Mis Party and will be dressing up as Eponine. That will be the second Les Mis party I will attend, which is hosted by the same person. I am in charge of helping plan it and decorated the house as a matter of fact. I also am attending a wedding sometime in August. Over the summer, I hope to go on a day trip to Asheville and hope to go on a hike.

    Next year as well is my final year of college. I already have registered for classes. Our registration period was right after Spring Break. This semester, I have decided to be a double minor. Everyone kept on asking me how come I not going to be a theatre major or minor? But this semester, I was able to declare one because I had room to add it. I hope to make the most of next year since it will be my last. I will be making the move from dorms to suites, which will be very exciting.

    • OoOooooh a lot of exciting things happening for you! Finals suck, but the feeling of being done for a while is indescribable! Good luck on them! And a Les Mis party sounds so fun!

      • I have 3 finals and unfortunately the last one has been scheduled for the final slot. Oh well.

        I went to a Les Mis party last year hosted by the same person as this year’s. My mom surprised me and said we were going to her house just to watch the movie and was told to wear my “keep calm and talk at Les Mis” shirt. It turned out to be a party and I was called Eponine all night long despite not looking like her. We had karaoke going on for part of the night and the house was decorated Les Mis themed.

        But with this year’s party, I get to dress up as Eponine since I know ahead of time there is a party. There will be karaoke again. Some people feel like I am too passionate about Les Mis, but I don’t believe that.

  2. I actually love finale month for shows. It allows me to catch up on The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl which I fell behind on. I also need to catch up on Agents of Shield & Scorpion season #4. Plus I like being able to watch a new show that i hadn’t had time to watch. So yay.

    Also Guardians of the Galaxy will be fantastic.

    • The Flash, Agents Of SHIELD, and Legends have/had strong seasons so look forward to catching up on those! I’m good about keeping up with shows but I can imagine that sitting down and having time to enjoy a show feels great!

  3. Honestly, something is wrong with the flow of time this year. I see people everywhere being shocked about how fast this year goes by and I do feel the same. It is indeed a mystery!

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