Monthly Look Ahead: March 2017

Can someone tell me what an Ide of March is and why I should beware it?

I can’t believe it’s March already. No offence to this month but I have so many projects and assignments due this month that I’m really not looking forward to it. Not to mention that Agents Of SHIELD is on hiatus all month so I really have nothing to live for except the eleven other shows I watch. If SHIELD can skip out right at the stressful parts, why can’t I?

monthly look ahead

Luckily, of course, there are some fun things going on that’ll get me out of bed, so let’s list them. Here’s what’s looking good in March:

  • The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover on the 20th/21st. This is exciting for three reasons. One, it’s a musical crossover, man! I love music, I love musicals, and I know that most of the involved cast members have lovely voices, so it’ll be great. Two, Darren Criss is the villain, so not only will he be there and singing too, but he’ll be playing a cheesy bad guy, which will be very fun to watch. Three, I look forward to these shows every week anyway.
  • Beauty And The Beast is out on the 17th. I was never a huge Disney fan, but I adore Emma Watson, and this looks pretty neat, so I will definitely have to make my way to see it at some point.
  • Iron Fist hits Netflix on the 17th. This I am very excited for, as Marvel’s Netflix shows are always cool. I don’t know much about Danny Rand, but he’s seen a dragon and that makes him cool in my books. Despite how busy I’ll be, I am aiming to carve out time to binge this!

Image result for iron fist poster

  • My Quidditch team not only has a little scrimmage/game/tournament thing to attend, but we’re also having a Games Day where we play Harry Potter board games and whatnot, so both those activities sound super fun.
  • Warm weather is coming. I know I said I like the cold weather because there’s no bugs and stuff, but I really hate being cold and the two hour outdoor quidditch practices really tested me this year. Lighter coats and feeling in my hands will be blessed.

Okay, these are some cool things and maybe, hopefully, this month won’t be too bad. I’m sure it’ll fly by. Is your March looking more or less exciting than mine? I’d love to know!

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16 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: March 2017

  1. in the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare the old crone warns Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March”. The ides were the about the middle of the month or the 15th. Caesar was reportedly stabbed to death by Brutes et. al on the steps of the Senate on the Ides of March. At least that is what I remember from Lit class.

  2. Ides of March. We know it as the day Caesar was murdered in Ancient Rome and that marked the beginning of the end of this empire. War ensued and lots of unrest. In the ancient Roman calendar the days were marked in 3 sections based on the phases of the moon. Ides is the middle of the month but it isn’t a 24 period it’s equivalent to 2-3 days of our calendar. Caesar was killed in that time span by those he thought he could trust.

  3. Yup, JoHawk got it spot on. March 15th is supposedly the worst date ever – well, if you’re Julius Caesar, it sure is. But since most of us are not, I think you’re pretty safe. 🙂

    I am SO looking forward to Beauty and the Beast! I loved the original when I was young, and this live action version looks so wonderful, I cannot even… I am fangirling badly. Might just try to convince my husband to make it a date night!

  4. I am a March baby and have never been bothered with all the Ides stuff since I am not Julius Caesar. I am unashamedly a Disney fan 😉
    All the best with all the assignments.

    I am shamelessly attaching a little link of me below 🙂

  5. I cannot believe it’s March already either, to be honest. I feel as though I were just toasting the new year! I’ve got a huge work project that just got assigned to me and is due on 3/31, so I’m not keen on this month either. Plus, just in general I find March to be such a dull month. I mean, it’s often still quite cold from the lingering winter, so you can’t properly enjoy spring weather; but it’s often too cold for snow. And on top of that, there are no fun holidays on the horizon. Alas.

    • – apols – i thought i’ d left a comment here at this cool as usual coolbeans’ post but i might’ve crashed and not hit the postit button and then steamed ahead with posting without commenting. Maybe ‘ides’ have something to do with the way the saying ‘time and tithe wait for no man’ became ‘time and tide…’

  6. The year sure is moving fast. I’m wondering if the Supergirl musical episode will be as unnecessary to understanding The Flash episode as the first multi-night crossover was.

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