3 Songs I Relate To On A Deep Level

Do you ever hear a song and the lyrics just speak to you? Like the songwriter reached into your specific soul and then wrote a song? I know a lot of songs are purposely general so many people can connect to them, or connect to parts at least, but once in a while I find a song that could have been written by me because it’s just so…perfectly perfect.

I think it’s brilliant that I can find songs that really define me. So here are three songs in no particular order that I relate to on another level.

1. ‘Here’ by Alessia Cara

I like going to parties. I have one friend who is great about inviting me out when he can and I always have a good time, but really, it’s not my scene. Those parties are always too loud and I hate the EDM music and I never drink enough to really have fun. I’m always Party Mom, but I’m okay with that. So the fact that a young, up and coming artist like Alessia Cara would release a song about not liking such a huge part of youth culture is really cool. She expresses herself honestly but not rudely. Really, I’m just glad to get an invite, so I’ll go and play Kings Cup and make small talk with randos, but it’s not what I’d rather be doing.

2. ‘When He Sees Me’ from Waitress The Musical

This is my favourite song from this show, which by the way has an amazing soundtrack, so huge shoutout to Sara Bareilles for her fantastic music ability. But this song! I totally understand Dawn’s fear of putting herself out there and her fear of rejection as well as love. Do you ever really know a person? I’ve seen enough episodes of Who The Bleep Did I Marry? to know that you really can’t be too careful. But this song is just so beautiful and fun and deep and hopeful and real. This expression of emotions is so fresh and relatable. There needs to be more characters like Dawn out there.

3. ‘As Long As There’s Christmas’ by Aselin Debison

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. That will never change. I love Christmas music and this song is such a fun, sweet song that really sums up how much this holiday means to me and how I’ll always look forward to it with a childlike glee. She mentions so many lovely and heartwarming parts of the season and they’re all parts I and surely many others love too. This isn’t my favourite Christmas song, but it speaks to me the most and I always turn up the volume each time it comes on. It’s a happy song and I love that.

What songs speak to you? Feel free to send me a link so I can hear them and get to know you better. Songs are able to express feelings and notions in such a unique way, so I think it lucky to be able to find a few gems that you really identify with.

That’s all for now!

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14 thoughts on “3 Songs I Relate To On A Deep Level

  1. Fantastic! Found this via the Bloggers Hub. Here is definitely me at most parties. I’m an introvert who can moonlight as an extrovert but there are loads of other things I’d rather be doing ha! There are too many songs to list (I’m a professional singer and I perform songs that speak to me) but for now River of Tears by Alessia Cara is one such song and Funny by Tori Kelly 🙂

  2. I find Here pretty relatable too. Not because I actually get invited to parties (I don’t), but because there’s always those mandatory family gatherings during the holidays that make my inner introvert scream and cry.

    For me, Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds captures my fanciful desire for success that I’ll probably never achieve.

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