Monthly Look Ahead: November 2016

Happy Halloween!

How is this year almost over? How is it already November? I mean, the weather where I am has been weirdly up and down, so even that isn’t a give away. Anyways, my November may be filled with assignments and stress, but it’s also filled with some fun things like:

monthly look ahead

  • Dr. Strange! The newest movie in the MCU hits theaters on the 4th, and that happens to be the day I hand in a major project, so it seems like a good time to reward my weeks of hard work! Plus it’s gotten really good reviews so far, so I’m really excited!
  • The newest addition to the Harry Potter franchise, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is out on the 18th. I can’t wait to see that! I think my Quidditch team want to try and see it together, so that’ll be fun. So far I have no one to see Dr. Strange with, so at least there’ll be someone up for Fantastic Beasts.
  • Christmas music! I start listening as soon as I can, and my local radio is set to begin it on the 20th. I already have my portable radio ready!
  • Anna Kendrick’s book Scrappy Little Nobody is out on the 15th. I love Anna Kendrick so much. She’s so funny and talented, so I imagine her book will be a delight to read. I already have it on hold at the library!

Image result for scrappy little nobody

  • Is it weird that I’m kind of excited for the American elections? Like, not shaking-with-anticipation excited but a casual readiness. Maybe I’m just ready for it to be over. It’s been all over the news for like two years and as a Canadian, I super don’t care. Maybe I just look forward to more memes that will inevitably come with the results.


Not a lot going on, but it’s enough to keep me motivated through what will likely be a very busy month, school wise. What events or activities do you have going on this November? Make your own post and spread the happiness! I look forward to reading what you got!

P.S. Last night I got a notification from WordPress that I cracked 500 followers and I am floored! I’m so happy, it’s such an achievement, so thank you all so much!

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12 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: November 2016

  1. Birthdays (including my own in the third week of Nov) mean Christmas can’t even be thought about until December hits, and I’m giving NaNoWriMo a go this year…while writing a play to be developed at the end of the month… Planning is not my forte. I’m also sort of looking forward to the election, but like you, being in Scotland makes it more voyeuristic (although where you are it’s probably a bit more real).

    And congrats on 500!

  2. Hi, hope you don’t mind my linking pingback to your MLA post – I hadn’t realsied how that might present. Will return for a catch-up read and with my usual-ish blogpost for this as soon as I’ve done it, hopefully before weekend’s out and hope you have a good one too 🙂 cheers 🙂

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