My #DreamCrate: Putting The Fun In Functional

Recently Lootcrate contacted me and asked me to put together a blog post on my dream lootcrate. To better understand their target audience, they’re encouraging everyone and anyone to design a dreamcrate, so feel free to do it too! For those unaware, Lootcrate is one of those services that have a monthly subscription and buyers get shipped a box (or “crate”) of fun, nerdy merchandise. Usually these boxes have a theme, so people can know a bit about what they’re getting, or opt out of buying that one.

I’ve never subscribed to these for two reasons. One, I’m a student so the money ain’t exactly flowing. And two, I have no need for a ton of (for the most part) useless merch. For example, I love looking at the newest Pop! Funkos that are released, but I personally can’t understand why people buy a whole bunch. They just sit there on peoples’ desks or shelves. They’re nice too look at and bobble their little heads once in a while, but I personally have no use and could never justify the money.

So I decided to take Lootcrate up on their challenge and design my dream crate with the theme of functionality. The following things are very useful but still are cool and nerdy items that any fan would love to have! Here’s what I’d include:


Image result for captain america shield t shirtShirts are functional. You can wear them whenever. This shirt is also gender neutral. As much as I’d wear any shirt sporting an Avengers’ logo I’ve always liked how symmetrical Cap’s shield is, which is why I went with this one.


Image result for nerdy messenger bagsI’ve been looking for a nice messenger bag/beach bag (I don’t know what different bags are called) that’s smaller than a backpack but big enough to hold more than a wallet like my current crossbody bag. This bag is a subtle colour and style but has the cool Zelda logo. But really any bag will do


Image result for marvel toothbrushesWe all brush our teeth, right? So some good quality yet fun toothbrushes would be totally useful! Imagine: a pack of six tooth brushes, one for each Avenger.


Image result for batman water bottleI use a water bottle when I play Quidditch but the one I have now is some school one I got at frosh week two years ago, so a cool Batman one would be wonderful. Reusable water bottles are always great because you never know when you may need one. I think a Batman one would specifically be amusing because I can totally picture Batman using one but being completely unhappy with the fact that he needs to rehydrate. I dunno, it’s funny in my head.


Image result for rubix cube pepper and salt“Hey, pass the pepper cube.” Honestly, these are so neat! There are so many cool s&p shakers but I like pepper chunks and the fact is shakers only give you pepper dust, so grinders and mills where it’s at. Not to mention that a solid 60% of my meals involve a lot salt and pepper, so these are perfect! Fun and functional for sure!


Image result for pac man oven mitt

Oven mitts have never looked so cool. Even the inside of the mitt is designed to look like the Pac-man map, and it provides better grip. Amazing.


And there ya have it, folks! My (fun)ctional dream crate. Honestly, I could probably list so many more things, but I’m being realistic and pretending this is a real crate, so I’m limited. As much as I hope to one day be in such a financial state that I could happily subscribe to all these cool crates and stuff, I think that even if I was, my logic would take over and I’d know that I don’t have a need for seventeen key chains and forty three mugs. I do, however, have a need for Tshirts and a pepper mill and a water bottle, and an even bigger need for those things in nerdy styles. Gotta rep, y’know?

I’d also love to know what functional nerdy items you have or want, so leave a comment telling me, or link me to your own dreamcrate posts!

That’s all for now!

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14 thoughts on “My #DreamCrate: Putting The Fun In Functional

  1. I really like this idea! Functional isn’t always necessary, but it is important when you’re after value for money. Part of the reason I don’t get a subscription box is that exact reason. I’d like to have a few more bookmarks, reading lights, etc., but I don’t need 23 decorative pillows or 15 plastic coasters. Great ideas!

    And the Batman/hydration thing *is* funny. 🙂

  2. I am a sucker for salt & pepper shakers. I think I have 5 different sets. I don’t know why. I just like collecting them, haha. I LOVE THOSE RUBIX CUBE ONES. I would be very happy if my lootcrate (not a member either) had those inside.

  3. These rubix cube salt and pepper shakers are so cute!
    I love to watch Loot Crate unboxings, but like you said most of the things you get aren’t funtional. I like Loot Wear though, I’m all for nerdy attire.

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