The Late Night Jimmys

When I say “Jimmy” you say….

You probably finished that sentence with either Fallon or Kimmel, unless you personally know a Jimmy and then that Jimmy is probably more prominent in your mind. But the rest of us don’t know any real Jimmys so we’re stuck with the talk show ones. So let’s talk about them.

I don’t watch a lot of talk shows. I used to watch Ellen after school but since starting university, I rarely do. And I never watched late night. Those darn shows started too late. It’s not like I’m sleeping, I can’t be bothered enough to purposefully watch TV at midnight.

But it’s a shame because I am missing out. Talk shows can be hilarious and I love to laugh.

Last summer at work, my coworker would sometimes put on late night talk show clips from YouTube for us to listen to. We often discussed how we both needed to start watching late night but we never did. We’d also discuss which Jimmy was supreme. At the time, neither of us had a preference. Both Jimmys are funny, their shows are on at the same time, and they have show features that are amazing. For example, my coworker and I loved listening to Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment but at least once a day someone one of us would imitate Fallon’s “Ew!” loudly (it was usually me).

But now things have changed in The Unofficial Jimmy Wars. I can’t say I’ve watched so much more late night but what I have seen has definitely swayed my opinion.

First of all, Fallon seems to be having a much better time on his show. I watched all of his Hashtag videos and I was so greatly amused by how amused he was. When he laughs, it’s so genuine. He’s seriously having a great time laughing at things or talking to the guests and that laughter and happiness is infectious. I, in turn, have a better experience watching his show. That’s not to say that Kimmel doesn’t have a good time or is grumpy, it’s just that Fallon seems to be on a whole other better level.

But my biggest reason for liking Fallon better is actually just because I’ve found I dislike Kimmel. This is fairly recent, but I’ve noticed just how uncomfortable Kimmel makes me. He can be rude, sexist, awkward and racist in subtle ways. I first noticed this during an interview with Adrianne Palicki, who was the sole reason I was watching in the first place. For those who may not know, Adrianne played the wonderful and tough Bobbi Morse on Agents Of SHIELD. During her interview, Kimmel was asking her about old jobs and made a few sexist comments, but the worst was right at the end. Kimmel asked her if she even liked superheroes and before she got a chance to answer he told her that every beautiful girl on the show that claims to like superheroes is “so obviously lying”. That’s right, girls. If you like superheroes then you’re definitely ugly. So Adrianne told him that she has a Supergirl tattoo and has long time liked the genre. Honestly, I don’t even know if the tattoo story is true but it shouldn’t matter. She shouldn’t have to defend herself against that sexist comment. Maybe if Kimmel had done some homework he’d know she was in pilots for both Aquaman and Wonder Woman (as Wonder Woman in the latter!). This is only one example, but I could list you so many more if you ask.

I’m not only one who feels the same way about Kimmel. I’ve spoken to other people who agree with me. It’s unfortunate that Kimmel is on ABC because I watch a few ABC shows and of course all the Marvel movies so I shall be continuing to support these actors even if it means sitting through sometimes the most awkward and forced hour of Kimmel. Talk shows are supposed to be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Image result for jimmy fallon kimmel

I mean, overall, they’re just talk shows, and I’m sure these celebrities have endured a lot ruder people in their careers, and maybe I’m overreacting a little, but these are just my two cents.

What are your thoughts? Do you watch late night and have a favourite Jimmy? Tell me why!


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19 thoughts on “The Late Night Jimmys

  1. I agree. I know Fallon used to say stuff like that back when he was on SNL but it appears he’s been more educated since then so yeah. I agree he just seems to be enjoying himself more as well. A lot of what Kimmel says and does often seems to set-up and fake. I especially hate the :I ate all your Halloween candy” prank he has people send in videos for every year. The kids often cry in those videos and he’s LAUGHING at them for it. Just mean. 😦

    • On SNL it was scripted and while his talk show is written too, he does have more of a say there than on SNL as a cast member.
      I forgot about the Halloween videos but yes I hate them too. If my parents had done that when I was little, I would have had such a meltdown because candy was seen as the ultimate treat in life so to expect children to be cool with the fact that their parents casually ate their hard earned and much loved candy is really silly.

    • I saw your comment about the Halloween videos, and had to throw my two cents in. I hate them too! Everybody thinks they’re hilarious and just “all in good fun.” I think purposely upsetting anyone (child or not), and then humiliating them by videoing it is just plain MEAN.

  2. I like both lol but never noticed Kimmel’s “Offensive” remarks as anything major because I see it as his confident (And perhaps narcistic) nature which I sometimes do have myself but I tend to keep it in cause I am aware of how the remarks may hurt someone. For his case, I feel that perhaps he feels compelled to say them for the show but we wouldn’t know I guess lol.

    Over all though, seriously love both shows for their own unique fun, games and personalities! Can’t wait for the next Kimmel’s Halloween “Kids, I ate all your candy” Special. It’s kinda bad to lie to your kids like that but if I were a dad, I’d play that kind of pranks on my kids too hahaha!

    Your pal,

    • Kimmel’s comments not really noticeable but I think that since I’ve been trying to train myself to be more aware of social justice issues, I’m more bothered.
      But yes, I do think both shows are decent. I do laugh at parts, and that’s what TV is for!

  3. I don’t really watch late night talk shows but when I do it’s usually Jimmy Fallon. There’s no real reason why though. I just think he’s funnier. This was a very good post though!

  4. Kimmel’s comments can be offensive to the careful listener, that’s for sure. I always wonder how much of it is part of the ‘joke’ and how much of it isn’t.

    • Yeah, his schtick very well may be that type of humour. I’m almost more concerned that there are people who think he’s the greatest and his way of interacting with people is normal.

  5. I too prefer Fallon by far – I just think he’s funnier, and his segments are clever and entertaining. I do like Kimmel’s reenactment from a few years ago of how he gave himself a black eye. Never fails to make me laugh!

  6. Although it’s been a while since I’ve watched late night talk shows, I’d have to go for Jimmy Fallon 100%. The only times I’ve seen videos of Kimmel, and not his whole show, are of the Halloween pranks parents pull on their kids. I feel Fallon is more authentic and enjoys what he delivers and does on his show.

    • Exactly. Way more authentic.
      It’s weird that the only things people seem to watch from Kimmel are the Halloween videos and Mean Tweets, and he isn’t even in either of them.

      • Yes, I actually just realized that while reading comments to your post. Wouldn’t know what to say about that. Maybe it all is about the creative team he has that was able to come up with segments that would be such a great appeal to the audience, since they’re part of it. As for the rest of the show I wouldn’t be able to say much about it.

  7. I prefer Jimmy Fallon. I like his interaction with guest that seem genuine. It seems as if he’s not overly trying to be funny.

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