Monthly Look Ahead: August 2016

This is the 13th Look Ahead post I’ve done, meaning that it’s been a year since I started this feature. Read the very first one here! I have to admit, I thought I’d have more participants by now. I really only have one regular person (shoutout to JATM) and a few others who’ll join in every now and again. I did consider stopping these posts, but I do enjoy writing them and they do okay view wise, so they’re here to stay for now!

monthly look ahead

Anyways, back to this month. August, aka the last month of freedom before school traps us and consumes our souls yet again. I don’t have a lot planned, but here’s what I do:

  • Wordcamp! Have you ever been to one? They are WordPress conventions, though they’re mostly geared toward dot-org sites. There’s one near me coming up and I’ve decided to volunteer.
  • A few months ago I chipped my front tooth a little bit and I finally have an ortho appointment, so hopefully the doc can shave down my tooth and in turn make my fairly large front teeth more even and not so large.
  • Suicide Squad on the 5th. Okay, I’m not super excited to see this, as DC’s movie history hasn’t thrilled me, but this looks alright, so I’ll probably go see it. This is a pretty cool poster, after all!

  • My brother is going to university! I’m kind of excited to help him move in and see him off as he embarks on this next big life journey.
  • Enjoy my last month of freedom. I’m going to try to get outside, hang out with friends a few more times, and relax.

Well, this is officially my least exciting month. I mean, I included an orthodontist appointment on here? Ugh, well, here’s hoping your August is a lot more thrilling.

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25 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: August 2016

  1. Oh, I have never heard of WordCamp, checking it out right now! I’m feeling the same way, I have a little more than 4 weeks until school starts. Enjoy August — I know I will!

      • Definitely. I used to feel as if summer was going too slow (when I would just waste time), but this summer, I’ve been fairly productive so I feel like it’s flying away.

        Well, I have quite a bit…
        – Summer Homework
        – Piano
        – Tennis (Tryouts Aug. 15)
        – Writing (Blog)
        – Writing (Book)
        – Science Research
        – Online Courses
        – Standarized Exams practice
        – Weekend Vacations
        – Movies
        – Hanging out with friends

        And yeah. When does your school start?

  2. Last month of freedom! I don’t know why more people wouldn’t join in! It’s a great way to track the months, and make them that little bit more positive! I’ll have to try and persuade a few people in mine (It’ll be up tomorrow!) 😀

    • Well, the reason not many people know about Wordcamps is because they’re geared toward .org users. A lot of the panels are on coding and self-hosting. But I’m still excited to check it out and do some volunteering!

  3. We’ve already bid goodbye to summer here and said a big, wet hello to the monsoon!
    I have a love-hate relationship with this season. It is the most inspiring of them all, and I love sitting by the window, on my bed, and writing or reading.

    For August, I had planned on taking up “A Post a Day” challenge. But I am going for a five-day trip to Goa (it’s like Vegas/Miami for us Indians 😛 ) with friends so I know I will miss blogging then. Hence, idea has been pushed to next month.

    I am waiting for HP & The Cursed Child to be delivered in the next two days so I can start reading it!

    I found this reading challenge on Popsugar that I want to take up so I will be blogging about that by the end of this week!

    It is also my brother’s birthday on Sunday and I have absolutely no idea what to get him!

    • Oooh I read The Cursed Child…I’m posting a review later this week!
      Family members are the worst to shop for! When in doubt, gift cards and candy are the way to go!

  4. I’ve been reading these for awhile but not joining the party until now. I don’t have as much lined up for August as I did the previous couple months. I’ve been to some shows and parties and conventions but now not much is lined up for awhile.

    – There’s a Pokemon Go party at my local mall on August 2nd (today!) I know you’re not really a fan but I’m excited to spend some time with friends.

    – I’m seeing Suicide Squad on Thursday Night, so August 4th.

    – Olympics are this month so I’m probably gonna watch some of those events. It also means I have two weeks off from writing recaps and power rankings on the AGT blog I work on (and no SYTYCD during that time either) so I’ll probs turn my attention to DWTS rumors in that time because that’s starting up again soon. XD

    • A Pokémon Go party sounds fun, actually! And I heard malls are real hotspots for catching Pokémon, so that should be cool!
      Oh yeah, I forgot about the Olympics! I love watching the synchronized diving and the gymnastics! Go Canada!

  5. Hmm…coming up in August. I’m a grownup, so I have to work. And hopefully work will be a little bit stressful because we’ll be working on a huge grant if we get approved to move on to the next stage of competition for it. Mostly, though, at our house it’s all Olympics for the next two weeks, then vacation. We might also get to the Renaissance Faire before the end of the month, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see Darren Criss in White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, but it’s sold out so I’ll only get to go if my husband can get rush tickets on the day of. So literally, I only get to go if I’m very lucky. Early in September is Elsie Fest, though, so there’s some Darren Criss in my near future either way!

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