Why Did I Ever Stop Playing Video Games?

I used to be a pretty avid gamer. Honestly, Nintendo was my childhood. But around the same time I started watching too much TV, I stopped playing video games. Yes, a few times in the last year I’ve plugged in the old Nintendo 64 so I could play Kirby Crystal Shards, but that was more out of boredom than interest.

Recently, I decided that I may be experiencing a slight quarter life crisis and that I really missed being young. But not enough to do anything about it. Until I did. Two weekends ago at a garage sale, some rando was selling a copy of Pokémon White for $2. Yes, TWO DOLLARS. Though my Nintendo DS was in some forgotten box in the basement, and I hadn’t played a DS game in years, I wanted it. I couldn’t pass up that deal! So I bought it. And as soon as I got home, I dug out my DS, popped in the game and started playing. I think I logged 10 hours that day.

When my brother came into the room and saw me, he said, and I quote, “What a loser. You’re twenty and playing Pokémon?” but I just rolled my eyes and kept playing. You know, though I played it all day and then several days following, I never once really felt immature. I felt happy. I was playing on a device I loved, playing a game I enjoyed and I wasn’t sucking at it. I was content. The only time I kind of felt silly was when my dad handed me a margarita and then I realised I was a legal adult, drinking alcohol while playing a game designed for kids. But, y’know…yolo.

Why did I ever stop playing video games? They were always so fun. I was always drawn to games that I’d describe as “nice games.” Like Mario and Pokémon and Zelda and Kirby. Very limited violence and lots of colours. I didn’t care if graphics weren’t great. I didn’t care if it was a 2D world. In fact, I preferred that. I just wanted to play, really, and Nintendo was perfect for that.

I guess that when my brother and friends outgrew video games, I did too. I kind of regret that now. I still have all my old game stuff and my bedroom door still has cut-outs of various game characters taped to it, but I lost the passion. And now I’m getting it back, I think.

My coworkers are gamers. I listen to them talk about Dark Souls and Skyrim and Fable a lot and they’ve tried to convince me to play too. But I don’t have an interest in that. Those games are too long, too complicated, too violent, and too hard to just pick up. I’ve realised that I like handheld games and games that guide you (for the most part).

I think that after I beat Pokemon White, I’m going to go through my old games and see what else I have. Maybe beat games I never beat or replay games I loved. I mean, it’s not costing me anything to have a good time. In fact, it’s saving the family Internet usage as I’m playing on my DS instead of derping around on the Internet.

Maybe in two weeks my DS will be back in the basement box and I’ll be over it. But for the present, I’m having fun. I’m enjoying Pokémon and my DS. This could be the start of a nerdy rekindling of love, and I’m ready for that. This doesn’t make me any less of an adult.

To all you people who, like me, used to play video games, get into it again! Dig up your old devices and give your old games a go, even just for a day! Because let me tell you, having this game to look forward to after work instead of boring summer TV is great.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go challenge the Elite Four!

That’s all for now!

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30 thoughts on “Why Did I Ever Stop Playing Video Games?

  1. LOVED THIS! I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved my DS as a kid.

    Video games are a great stress buster. I recently got back into playing on my DS as well. You should try the Professor Layton series–those are quite challenging–even for an adult. And the soundtrack is amazing!

    Better yet, I’d recommend you get a Nintendo 3DS. It’s like the DS, but better. Also, you can buy all the Gameboy games from Zelda and Pokemon for dirt cheap. Basically, you can play Gameboy, DS, and 3DS games on one device. It’s awesome!

    • I’ve heard good things about the Professor Layton games but never played them! If I come across one, I’ll give it a try!
      I don’t think I’m committed to gaming enough to go buy a 3DS (plus I’m worried that the 3D effects will give me headaches) but if I see one at a garage sale, maybe I’ll consider it! 🙂

      • Oh my gosh, you should play them! There are three games for the DS. The first one is Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

        You can adjust the amount of 3D you want. There’s a slider that allows you to turn it completely off or on all the way.

        Or you can just buy a 2DS. It’s cheaper, and you can play all the 3DS games without the 3D. That would work well too!

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  2. I have a DS and a PS4 that I rarely play, I don’t know what happened honestly. When I worked nights I used to play video games when I would get off of work, now I work days, and when get home I have no interest. My consoles just collect dust. However, I am keeping my eye open for Pokemon Sun and Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    • Interests come and go. Even if you like the game, maybe you’re at a hard part and are less inclined to play and then drop it altogether. But I’m sure that once new games come out that you’re interested in, you’ll be into it again. Pokémon Sun does look pretty cool!

  3. Yes! Love to hear about this kind of stuff 🙂 Just because you play video games, doesn’t mean your any less anything. I’m also talking about myself 🙂

    I never really got out of video games, actually. Maybe part of that fact is that I grew up with a brother eternally into them, but I just learned to love them and their stories. For me, video games were another kind of deep storytelling. Zelda is definitely a favourite of mine. If you haven’t seen the E3 2016 trailer for the upcoming game, Breath of the Wild, you should check it out. It looks amazing!

    • The only games my brother play nowadays are MLB and NHL PS4 games. I have no interest in those. But I loved Zelda. Mario and whatnot was good but had very little story. Zelda had a bunch of story and history, which I loved. Did you ever read those manga Zelda books?
      I heard about the upcoming Zelda game but since I don’t have the device that it’s for, I’m not too excited, even though it does look very cool!

      • I have heard about the Zelda manga, but haven’t got around to reading it yet. Perhaps I’ll have to change that….I still play lots of Nintendo, but not currently since I could only bring one game console to Korea… the Xbox made the cut 😛

  4. If you’re into Pokemon still, you should check out Pokemon Go, apparently that’s good. I used to be a dilettante when it came to gaming, but recently I’ve had to do away with that, and I’ve always been more of a reader myself. Still, glad you’re enjoying your break :).

  5. I’m so happy you’ve gotten back into an old hobby, especially something immersive like gaming. I collect retro video games and am playing a lot of them for the first time at 30 years old. I hope you can continue to find excellent deals like the one you managed to find at that yard sale. Retro game prices are generally very high, especially in Canada with the low dollar. As a fellow Canadian, I can appreciate a great deal when it emerges. Good luck, and enjoy your quest to the Elite Four!

  6. Games really don’t get the credit they deserve, It’s cool that you rediscovered the passion for them. In my opinion you can never be too old for a pokemon game!

    • Honestly, I kind of enjoy Pokémon a bit more now that I’m older. My level of sarcasm and sass has risen since my old gaming days, so I amuse myself more when playing by being ridiculously sassy to the characters. Is that weird? Am I weird?

  7. I’m in my early 20’s and have also been going through a quarter life video game phase: lots of Pokemon, Paper Mario, and Harvest Moon here 🙂 I stopped in college because I was so busy with sports, my job, and schoolwork, but now that I have a bit more time, I’m so glad I’ve gotten back into it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. A couple months ago, I revisited an mmorpg game I played in elementary school. The music just brought me back! Did you know that the background music is what makes games addicting? The sound effects of the click and characters talking? For me it was.

    Anyway, I played that thing from noon to midnight. It was an addiction. I realized that if I didn’t do anything about it, I would never stop. So I mustered up my willpower and finally stopped playing. And just like that, I was free.

    • I once read the video game music is designed to make you want to keep playing, so it’s a good thing to listen to while doing something like writing an essay.
      But good for you for forcing yourself to stop. You knew it wasn’t good for you and you did something about it! Sometimes I wish I could do that so easily.

  9. I have a writing corner in my room next to my TV and video games console set up, and below shelves stacked with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seal action figures. I’m 26, but those things inspire my creativity and I think they are great! Never let society dictate what being an “adult” is. Personally, I think it’s just the same as being a kid, but with more capacity to do all the awesome things that seemed crazy as a kid 🙂

  10. I love stories like this where after years have gone by, you discover or rediscover your love of video games. Never let your age dictate what games you play or if you play games at all. If you find a game you like, play it. Never forget that.

    • Honestly, if I had the time, I’d be playing a lot more games. But you’re right, age should not dictate video game love. Video games and the problem solving skills associated with them are timeless!

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