8 Kitchen Gadgets You Need (Even If You Don’t Cook)

I’m not much of a chef at all, but I can appreciate a cool gadget, and these are definitely cool…beans. Everyone needs to eat and what I’m going to show you will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. These are all courtesy of my mother’s kitchen. Hi mom, enjoy this shoutout.

I’m not a good photographer so my apologies for these following images. But to make up for it and for your convenience, I’ve found sites to buy the following gadgets if you’re really interested, so you’re welcome, but I’m sure you can find them at your local IKEA or Homesense or whatnot.

1. The Walnut Cracker Thing

Look at this. Just place a walnut in it and turn to crack it. It also works with other nuts, so bonus. It’s so easy to enjoy Deez Nuts. Buy here.

2. The Orange Peeler Ring

So small and portable. You can keep this in a lunch bag and you’ll never have to get That Girl With The Nails to start that orange peel. This can be so handy as some of those orange peels are so tough. Slightly different, but buy here.

3. The No-Stick Sheet

When I make mini-pizzas, I used to spend forever scrubbing crusty pizza off the pan but now I put this oven-safe sheet down in the pan and it’s so easy. The pan doesn’t need a wash and the sheet basically only needs a rinse. Bless. Buy here.

4. The Stawberry Beheader

“OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” yelled the Red Queen. This little thing’s sole function is to take off the leafy tops of strawberries with ease and without losing the good, editable stuff. Buy here.

5. The Pot Filler

This is my mother’s favourite thing. Obviously this isn’t something you can go out and buy but if you’re renovating your kitchen or moving and want a cool thing, the get this. No longer do you have to lift a heavy water-filled pot from the sink to the stove.

6. The Slidey Chip Clip

Save your leftover chips for another TV marathon with this simple to use and effective bag sealer. It keeps air in very well. It’s officially called the Gripstic, buy here.

7. The Jar Opener

One of life’s greatest mysteries is how to open a tough jar. This is the answer, folks. Simply place over the lid and turn. Effort is still needed, but it’s a lot more reliable than banging the lid on the counter or whatever the recommended method is. But wait, there’s more! Last week I used it to pull a slippery iPhone charging cube out of a stubborn wall outlet. Buy here.

8. The Apple Splitter

I’ve been using this my whole life but at Christmas it really impressed our Australian friends, so I’m guessing it’ll do the same for you. Just place it on top of the apple and press down to perfectly section it. So easy and it’s great for kids who you don’t trust with a knife. Buy here.


Like I said, these nifty little gadgets will definitely make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable, whether you already like it or not. What’s more is that they’re all so easy to use. During school last year I essentially lived alone, and that Jar Opener thing helped me numerous times. These are all great for people of all ages and skill sets. Do you have any funky kitchen gadgets? Tweet them to me @coolbeans4_ or leave me a comment here!

That’s all for now!

P.S. Do you think I have a future in the infomercial business or nah?

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17 thoughts on “8 Kitchen Gadgets You Need (Even If You Don’t Cook)

    • Right? It’s my mom’s favourite thing to show off when people come over. That being said, if you live alone, it’s not as useful, as carrying a single pot of water isn’t too much of a hardship. It’s more useful if you’re filling a big spaghetti pot for a family meal.

      • I think I just love that that is even a thing. I’ve been over at friends’ houses and they have one of those and I always figured it was a steam diffuser or something. But this explains it. Haha adult goal right there.

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