The Blog Drinking Game

I don’t always endorse drinking but when I do, it’s tied to blogging.

I’m sorry, I had to meme that. I did so with this site

Yes, I have created a drinking game about blogging. Honestly, I’m half joking. This is just my way of pointing out some common things I’ve seen in a fun, lowkey teasing way. I don’t expect people to play this.

I love reading blogs. There are several tags that I go through literally every day, so I’ve seen many, many, many blogs. Networking is fun, it keeps me dedicated and it’s productive for my own blog. So here’s a silly game you can play while you browse blogs/network. Though I’ve actually never played it myself (I should one day) feel free to try if you need a little motivation. And you don’t have to use alcohol. Drink juice/water or eat a piece of chocolate, I don’t care. But here we go:

Rules: drink when you encounter the following things, no exceptions.

Drink when:

  1. You find a blog with ‘musings’ in the title or url
  2. You find a blog with ‘ramblings’ in the title or url
  3. You find a blog that posts tweet-length posts
  4. You find a blog that uses lowercase I (eg. then i went to the mall)
  5. You find a blog with posts mostly just consisting of a single link to some other website (not the same as #3)
  6. You find a blog that has a picture of the blogger and it’s a really bad angled picture of them not smiling
  7. You find a blog with a really weird topic (one time I found one about ski-lifts)
  8. You find a blog that doesn’t use post titles
  9. You find a blog that doesn’t capitalize titles
  10. You find a blog that has a signature post ending (like how mine is “That’s all for now!”)
  11. You find a blog that you’re pretty sure is just a spam blog
  12. You find a blog that never uses any images/pictures
  13. You find a mommy blog and the mom thinks their kid(s) is the funniest/smartest child to grace this planet
  14. You find a blog in another language
  15. You find a blog with a one word titled post

You should be sufficiently drunk now. You’re welcome.

This could also work as a bingo card… If you came up with your own while exploring, leave a comment telling me! I’m very interested to know what you discovered out there in the vast, vast blogosphere!

That’s all for now!

P.S. Please drink responsibly. I ain’t accountable for your bad choices.

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31 thoughts on “The Blog Drinking Game

  1. Haha. I think I’ll play this with water so I can get closer to 8 daily glasses. Shouldn’t be hard to do with the “musings/ramblings” one, especially.

  2. hysterical. several of the criteria i can find on my own blog…this may mean i’d be a tidge tipsy before i ever even venture into the ‘tags!’ yikes! (and giggles.) hugs!!!!

    • Ha, well I didn’t make the post to criticize (…although some are my pet peeves…)! As long as you’re content with your own blog, then all is fine! But have fun with it!

  3. Can I suggest one? Taking a drink whenever someone in the Community Pool incorrectly asks for “feedbacks.” Like, no. I can’t give you “feedbacks.” But I’ll give you feedback, AND some grammar advice.

    • Ha! 😀 I could make a whole new list specifically about the Community Pool! Though I have to say, maybe I’m just immune to it now, but I don’t notice a lot of “feedbacks”. I’ll be keeping my eye out for them now!

  4. I’m a mommy blogger with the smartest, funniest most talented daughter on the planet…why do you ask? Oh, wait. Sorry. flip that. My daughter has the smartest, funniest most talented mom on earth – she’s so lucky!!! (thank for the laugh)

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