Monthly Look Ahead: June 2016

June. A time for summer to really start, the sun to really shine and the year to really be half over. But I’ve always had a special place in my heart for June and I have high hopes for this June. I hope you do too and I encourage you share what you’re looking forward to in your own Monthly Look Ahead post!

Monthly look ahead

  • My birthday! Goodbye teen years and hello struggling adult life because as of June 16th, I’ll be 20! That’s right, folks, I’ve been alive and kicking for two decades.
  • Now You See Me 2 comes out on the 10th. I don’t have really high hopes for the movie, as it is a sequel, but the first movie is one of my favourites. It really impressed me and if you haven’t seen it, go give it a watch!
  • Finding Dory on the 17th. Again, sequel, but Dory was an interesting character in Finding Nemo and I love Ellen, so I may go see this movie.
  • The Tony Awards! As a musical fan who isn’t anywhere near Broadway, this award show on the 12th is a great chance for me to learn more about the shows currently playing and watch some great performances. I’m excited to see what the cast of Hamilton has in store!
  • 3rd year course selection…not the most thrilling event, but this year I’ve planned so much that actual enrollment should be painless (unlike last year) and it’ll be good to get that out of the way.


And that’s June for me. Nothing too exciting. Not even my birthday, as that’s never a huge deal. But I’m just glad to have some warm weather. I know a few people with pools so guess and my dad bought these really good popsicles that are a welcomed treat, so I should be in for a decent summer….so far…

That’s all for now!


12 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: June 2016

  1. Very good post !!! I am putting one up for June too… Nothing very exciting either. I love, love, love theater anything especially because I have a couple of performer’s (2 youngest guys, professional Ballet dancer’s). I go to a musical at least once a year. I will be watching the Tony’s too !!! Blessings for your week and Happy Birthday early. Oh and I would hang on with every ounce of strength I have to hold onto those younger years. In fact I would absolutely refuse to grow up into the adult world, that is knowing what I know now <3.. But like the saying goes Time and Tide stop for no one ❤

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