Monthly Look Ahead: May 2016

School is done and summer is coming. Welcome to May, folks. And welcome to my Monthly Look Ahead, which you are more than welcome to participate in!

Monthly look ahead

Last month I literally had no plans and nothing exciting happened. It was so sad to glance at my calendar and see that the only things I had written on it all month were exam and study session times. The good news is, May is a fresh change and I have several things to look forward to!

  • Captain America: Civil War! Coming out on the 6th! Of course this is my number one. It’s gotten so much hype and every early review says it’s amazing. I have high hopes, even if I can’t really decide if I’m Team Cap or Team Iron Man.
  • Alice Through The Looking Glass on the 27th. I really enjoyed the first Alice In Wonderland. The visual effects were cool, the cast was great and Cheshire Cat was amazing. Of course I’m a little wary for this new movie, as sequels can be hit or miss, but I’m still excited to see it and see the cool characters again!

  • May is usually the month where TV networks announce new shows that have been picked up for the fall and old shows that have been renewed. While a lot of my shows have gotten renewal announcements already, I’m still anxiously awaiting a few, and I’m also really looking forward to hear about new shows coming. One I’m particularly hopeful for is Riverdale, the Archie Comic TV show.
  • Speaking of TV, May is the month of season finales. And while that’ll likely mean shocking and/or heartbreaking cliffhangers that will definitively make me wish away summer, I’m still excited to see them.
  • Being back home for the summer…meaning I won’t have to kill bugs myself, I can hang with my friends, and I don’t have cook. Those are all pros, but twenty bucks says that by the time September comes, I’ll be dying to be on my own again.
  • Hopefully getting a job this month. I wanted something in my field but no such luck… either way, having something to do instead of watching daytime TV will be nice.

And that’s how my May is shaping up to be. I’m just glad to not have any essays or exams to worry about. I can’t believe I’m halfway done university already…

Anyways, that’s all for now!


5 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: May 2016

    • Yes, my May is shaping up to be pretty nice!
      I will endeavour to stop by. I’m on my phone right now but if I can remember when I turn on my laptop then I’ll definitely check it out!

  1. I’ve just gotta say….Captain America was pretty great 🙂 Here in Korea it came out April 27! I was fairly surprised when I first heard about the release difference…

    • I’m so excited to see it!
      Most Marvel movies have had a weird release date thing and as much as I grumble about it, I can’t get too mad as I know that places outside of North America usually get everything else entertainment related late so I guess they can have this first.

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