Mr. D (Canada’s Coolest TV Show)

It’s no secret that Canadian entertainment is always overshadowed by American content. Canadian movies are always super indie and everything looks like it was done on a really, really small budget. But despite this, there is one TV show that you should take note of.

It’s called Mr. D and it’s about a teacher at a private school.

For the longest time I wanted to be a teacher myself. I had family members who were and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, so when this show came about, it caught my eye. I can’t think of any other school-set comedies, so this is definitely original.

Mr. D is created and produced by Gerry Dee, who is a hilarious guy. He was an actual teacher but he left that to do stand up comedy (click here to watch some!) and now make and star on TV. He wrote a book too, give it a read!

This show is funny. It’s smart, and if you are a teacher you’ll love it. It’s relatable. It’s also relatable to students, because we’ve all had teachers like Mr. D and the other various characters. But try it even if you aren’t a teacher or a student because it seriously is Canada’s best!

Gerry Duncan (aka Mr. D) is such an awful person that it’s funny. He is, in every way, the Canadian Michael Scott (from The Office). He’s rude, careless, thinks he’s top notch, and overall just an underqualified person for the job. But in a similar way to Michael Scott, you kind of root for him, if for no other reason than to see what nonsense he’ll get into next. That being said, I am waiting to see some selfless part of him. Michael Scott had a moment with Pam at her art show, but so far, Mr. D’s heart is still three sizes too small.

But that’s okay, there are other characters who make up for that. There’s Simon the science teacher, and he’s just a man-child (literally) but it’s funny to see him interact with Mr. D. And there’s Trudy the secretary (she is my favourite) who’s wit and sass is unlike any other. There’s Lisa, who’s the best teacher there, as she’s fair and honest and just wants to do her job. Bill, Gerry’s bartender roommate (the Jim Halpert of the show, if you will). Bobbi, the gym teacher, and Robert, the crazy VP, and several other interesting characters.

Image result for mr.d staff

Because this show is set in a school mostly, there are so many great plots. School dances, staff meetings, parent/teacher nights….this show manages to make every event that we’ve all experienced at school hilarious and relevant. Though sometimes the plots can get silly, like with any comedy show, overall, Mr. D is funny and real and very unique. It’s better than a good bunch of American comedies out there.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give this show a try (only like 60 twenty minute episodes). Season 5 just finished and Season 6 will air this fall on CBC. I think you can watch on Canadian Netflix too or online. I also recall reading that Gerry Dee is maybe working with NBC (I think?) to produce a similar show for America but who knows what stage that’s at (not I).

It’s unfortunate that this show is plagued with being a Canadian no-name. Aside from a few teachers I’ve talked to, I don’t know anyone who watches it. But people should. It probably wasn’t even geared toward my age group (likewise with most CBC shows), but the humour and plot is too good to miss. This show needs to better advertise itself and get out of the Canadian waters, so if I gotta do it myself I will. This isn’t about me being Canadian, this is about quality television and it is my duty as a blogger to share it! (But seriously, CBC, if you want to hire me to do some social media stuff for y’all, hit me up!)

Get Learnt.

That’s all for now!


6 thoughts on “Mr. D (Canada’s Coolest TV Show)

    • America’s Love It Or List It is way better than Canada’s. (I say as if I watch them enough to really know or care). Design shows usually don’t interest me and all their fake/scripted drama and problems just takes away from it. But my parents enjoy them so I’ve seen enough. 😛

  1. Literally the only thing I know is Corner Gas (through which I found Dan For Mayor and a film I’ve forgotten the name of) but that was a complete accident – still working my through the series to see how the hell they got to making a film out of it.

    The indie network is pretty good in Scotland, so we get a lot of Canadian films over here and vice versa, but unless you do a completely legal scour of the internets, anything we do get from your side of the Atlantic (tv shows included, American too) is pretty selective which is a big shame. But international buyers is a (boring) story for another time..

    • I don’t really watch, but I did see half an episode of Corner Gas today actually!
      It’s unfortunate that international TV/movie laws and regulations are so poor in this day and age…

      • Yay! You know I said all that, and then realised I haven’t actually finished watching through them… Whoops.

        You’d think they wouldn’t be with the increase in online viewing, but nooo, got to be picky about who gets to see what, bastards.

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