Unpopular Opinions

We all have some unpopular opinions that we’re too afraid to share for fear of being viewed negatively, especially on the internet where people can be ruthless. But chances are, someone has the same opinion as you, so here I am, exposing some of mine in the hopes of bonding with people and starting conversations. I encourage you all to do the same, either in the comments or in your own post if you have a lot.

Unpopular does not have to mean wrong. And unpopular does not have to mean politically incorrect.

There’s a difference between spewing hate and having a reasonable opinion that you can calmly defend and debate with people. Fight me on any of these, because I believe in them and my all opinions, which I am very much free to express (on my own blog nonetheless). There are people who think they’re entitled to use the internet to bully and spread negativity. I’ve always tried to keep my blog on the positive side, but even I can’t resist sharing some of my more negative thoughts. Here they are, in the form of twenty unpopular opinions!

1. The Lord Of The Rings were awful books and I won’t be reading those again.

2. I don’t think kids under the age of 16 should be allowed to date.

3. People between the ages of 19 and 25 actually can have a good time in group social settings without being drunk.

4. Hamilton, while a great and original musical with some songs that I absolutely adore, was a little overrated and didn’t meet the hype.

5. Wearing just leggings or sweatpants looks lazy to me…even if they are comfortable.

6. I don’t prefer showers or baths. I don’t really enjoy either and find them hassles.

7. Bats are creepy and not at all cute, even baby ones.

8. Club music/EDM is intolerable unless you’re drunk. Not to mention that it all sounds the same.

9. Tumblr isn’t real blogging.

10. Coffee doesn’t have a great smell.

11. Driving isn’t fun and I don’t want to do it.

12. If your close friends don’t know your birthday without Facebook reminding them, they aren’t good friends.

13. All forms of entertainment are too expensive and if I can get it for free even by illegal methods, I likely will.

14. Most Youtubers seem really fake, and I’m pretty sure all their click-bait stories are too.

15. Poetry does not affect me in any way and I will not read it.

16. Beyoncé’s new music (of the last four years)…it’s a bit overrated… Her vocals are good but the songs themselves aren’t doing it for me.

17. Bangs that don’t reach the eyebrow look childish and silly.

I’m sorry Krysten, but I’m hardcore cringing right now.

18. I never really loved any of Leonardo DiCaprio’s roles or movies so his Oscar hype didn’t matter at all to me.

19. The best comedians are ones whose routines aren’t totally about sex/relationships.

20. The Eragon movie wasn’t that bad. It was bad but it could have been worse.

Believe it or not, I actually had a hard time coming up with twenty, considering that I find myself opposing a lot in daily life. But I think I managed to find enough to probably anger everybody so tell me which of my unpopular opinions you do or do not agree with! And like I said, feel free to make your own unpopular opinion post or share your own!

That’s all for now!

P.S. My last exam of the year is today, so as of 3pm I will be free from the chains of education for the next four months (someone hire me please).



20 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions

  1. Love it. Totally agree on the unpopular opinions. In fact, I actually agreed with 13/20 of yours. The coffee related one was not one of those 😛 Although it kind of used to be…I hated the taste of coffee, though only before I spent 4 1/2 years working part time in one during University, so it couldn’t really be helped 😛

  2. Seriously, not fond of bathing OR showering!! I’m not much of a bath person as there is too much prep and clean up, ie: making sure the tub is clean before filling it and then cleaning the tub after soaking in it. But showering is great! Nothing like feeling clean and fresh. Besides I’m not sure anyone is a fan of body odour. That is a popular opinion!!
    Great post. I agree with almost all of your opinions!! 😊

  3. Nothing wrong with you sharing your opinions…and it’s a shame that sometimes we have to “be brave” to share our opinions! Some of what you said I totally agree with, or maybe slightly don’t, but I respect that you’ve thought about it and come to a conclusion you’re comfortable with. Some things I think I know people around me don’t agree with, and it feels not right that I feel like I shouldn’t or can’t express myself. Good for you for speaking up.

    (Good luck on the summer job front!)

    • I like being able to have a good discussion with someone, even if no one changes their mind! And nothing I said should really offend anyone (I was careful of that), so there should be no reason for people to express their thoughts!

      • I think there’s too much emphasis placed on what people think of things that are truly a matter of opinion… For example, I think kale is just a disgusting vegetable, and I won’t touch it. Other people think it’s great. Good for them….they just don’t need to force me to like it! The world won’t end because I don’t eat kale! 🙂

  4. As a LoTR fan, I completely broke out into wild laughter over your first opinion. And I completely agree about the books, as I haven’t yet been able to get through one without becoming so very bored. However, I am a fan of the movies, which is sheer blasphemy to the elite LoTR fan. :-p

    For number eight, if “Club music/EDM” was substituted for all of today’s pop music, then I would be in total agreement with that statement. Then again, that’s just my personal opinion of it. ^_^
    There may be many others on your list that I disagree with, but it doesn’t matter at all. I respect your opinions for what they are worth and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Especially on their own blog! I enjoyed reading and have a wonderful day!

    • The LOTR movies were a lot better but I found those on the longer side too, so I lost some interest. Classics, of course, but not the best.
      I agree that a lot of pop music today is pretty bad, but at least that stuff is catchy and I can differentiate between the songs, whereas with EDM, it’s all the same auto-tuned beats.

      • Yeah, I may have a different ear, as I can’t differentiate between pop songs of today, they all have the same melody, beat, and nonsensical lyrics/topics. Then again, I’m “old” and use to the pop songs of the 70’s and 80’s that actually had something to express and practiced unique melodies, beats, etc. EDM is a new concept, but I do enjoy it and can differentiate between the compositions of them, just fine. It’s just a matter of taste and opinion, which varies from one individual to the next, is all. ^_^

        Although, I’m so very relieved as I read your post out of fear that I would be forced to unfollow, as some people abuse the concept of “opinions” as an excuse to voice hurtful things against whole groups of people nowadays. I believe your post is genuinely opinions about your personal tastes, which is awesome. I wish more conversations like this existed on the interwebs. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved this post!!! I totally agree with #3: drinking is so not necessary to have fun. And #6: I prefer baths but my arms always get tired partway through washing my hair, so I would love one of those bathtubs with the seats in them that are advertized on the tv.

  6. I can’t. I will actually start wars.

    However, if you make this into a series, I will contribute my less antagonising opinions… Maybe 🙂 I’m with you on LOTR, though. I adore the world Tolkien created, but I remember the first time I tried to read any of his books, my brain just went “nope”. It was like a mental brick wall came crashing down and stopped my eyes from taking anymore in.

    • Exactly, as a fantasy lover, I totally respect Tolkien’s world and what he created (as well as how) but I had to really force myself to finish the books, which was too bad because I was super excited to read them when I started.

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