One Year!

I know that one year is basically nothing considering that some people have been blogging for a decade. But this is an exciting achievement for me so I’m going to take a second and publicly high-five myself. Coolbeans4 is exactly a year old today! 365 days of life, and what a fruitful life it’s been!

So what have I achieved in this year? Well, I’ve written 73 posts, got 330 followers, about 785 likes and about 400 comments (not including my own). I started a Blogging Feature (Monthly Look Ahead), took three Blogging U courses, and interacted with/followed several hundred blogs. That’s outstanding considering I had set my standards very low. I also started a new Twitter account and Facebook page for my blog, and I’m working on growing those too.

As you probably know, as I’ve mentioned it a few times, I’m not new to blogging. For four years I had a really topical blog that I happily ran, but when I decided to end it, I realized that I still needed to write and blog, so I started a non-topical blog. But I was worried. Could I handle a blog that didn’t have a set topic? Could I come up with enough post ideas? Could I get readers and followers?

I also questioned my niche. And I still do. I don’t really have one, and it kind of sucks when I have to explain or introduce my blog and I’m like “I write it but I don’t know how to tell you about what I’m writing.” In first semester this year I took a class that involved blogging and my prof really emphasized blogs with niches. By this point Coolbeans4 was several months old and I was fairly content with my writing. I ended up sticking with my guts and keeping my blog the way I intended it to be, which is this fun mess!

I’ve written some pretty cool posts. There are some that I’m particularly proud of, and ones that you may have missed if you found my blog more recently. And as this is my birthday post, allow me to share some of my favourite posts of the year:

Opposite Gender Best Friends In The Media The Weirdest Thing Recently Happened To Me  • Sneeze Count 2015 • I’m An Athlete…Well, I Play QuidditchHow To Adult In 25 StepsSnuggies. Yes.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to some other bloggers, because without you guys, I’d be writing to avoid. Here are some blogs that I either enjoy reading or bloggers who I enjoy interacting with (or both!):

My Tiny Obsessions • An Odyssean Miscellany • Gabbing Geek  Merlin’s Musings  • Paradox • Just Average Teen Me • Matt And His Cats • The Rose Quartz • Ryan’s TMBG ItIsTrish Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder • Popcorn In My Purse • I Am Geek  A Cooking Pot And Twistedtales

Of course there are so many more blogs I read. I follow about 400 and I’ll follow more as often as I find them! I scroll through my Reader several times a day and I truly believe that the blogs I follow are amazing, so thanks for making my Reader special!

But really, all of WordPress is pretty great. In this past year I’ve explored several new sides of it and I really think I’ve become a better WordPress user and in turn a better blogger.

I’m just really proud of myself for sticking with this and succeeding more than I thought I would. Blogging really is a passion of mine and I look forward to continuing on with it!

Thanks for celebrating with me! I wish I knew a better way to do so (I’m open to suggestions!) because really, this was a team effort.The love, the support, and the community feelings I’ve gotten in the past year has helped keep me going and helped me write the best content I could.



15 thoughts on “One Year!

  1. I found your blog through one of those check in and leave your blog for others to see. Or something like that. I liked the name cool beans, so I clicked. You say you don’t have a topic. Well, join the club, because I sure as shit don’t have one either! Ha! The one consistent thing I have is inconsistency.
    I look forward to reading more

  2. Congratulations man.
    You know, I bought myself lots of chocolate when I completed one month. I think that was mainly because I was hungry.
    Anyway, you had me at your blog description. I have to follow horcruxes. That is an unbreakable rule.

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