Monthly Look Ahead: April 2016

First off, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who participated in my survey. So many of you took the time to complete it and share it, in two days I got 100 responses! I think that’s all I can get because I’m using the free version of the program, but that is quadruple what I really need, so thank you all so much! I’m so grateful to be a part of an online community like this where there’s so much love and kindness! I’m thinking that perhaps after my class is over I may do a post on the results, as they really are fascinating and important stats!

And now for the main event:

April. How is our year already a quarter over? Why is time the way that it is?

Monthly look ahead

Either way, it is time for another instalment of my blogging feature, Monthly Look Ahead. And I can tell as I type this sentence that I have nothing too exciting going on…

  • School ending is definitely something I’m looking forward to, but I have exams and assignments to do first…
  • Remember the hilarious Dubsmash Battle from last summer? Well, after that, Clark, Chloe, Hayley and James did a three-part War where they raised money for charity (I didn’t blog about it) but they also filmed an episode of Lip Sync Battle that’ll air on the 21st on Spike.
  • ?????
  • That’s about it.
  • April is gonna be lame.

I could write a longer list about things I’m not looking forward to this month. I mean, there aren’t even any good movies coming out. I really hope fun things that I didn’t foresee happening do indeed happen because as it stands, this’ll be a month of studying and crying on the inside (maybe on the outside too, we’ll see how these exams go…).

April gif for April!

How is your month looking?


10 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: April 2016

  1. “Time is an illusion, April doubly-so.” (I mish-mashed there…the actual wording isn’t April.) It’s from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for anyone who doesn’t know.

    I really don’t have any plans yet, but my March was crazy, so I’m looking forward to things being calmer, and maybe getting some (fiction) writing done.

    • Okay here’s a really stupid question: what is Hitchhiker’s Guide? I’ve seen people reference it and I think it’s a book but other than that, what is it? Should I look into it?

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