Thoughts On Deadpool’s R Rating

Look, I know superheroes are for everyone. I do.

But the fact is, a huge portion of merch is sold to little boys, and you’re kidding yourself if you think different. These little kids may not have even seen the related movies, but there they are, happily sporting Iron Man’s face on their soaking snow boots and Batman’s logo on their toque and playing with their plastic Captain America shield.

And while they may not have seen the movies, they probably have. I mean, what little boy wouldn’t want to see super-powered people and monsters and robots fighting each other? And aside from the odd innuendo, the movies are completely appropriate for them. So it’s totally understandable that these movies and merchandise are marketed to kids.

But now we have a new superhero to grace our screens, and he is super not for kids. Deadpool (which is out on the 12th). Or, as my father referred to him “that guy who dresses like The Flash but isn’t The Flash.” If you’re unfamiliar with Deadpool, then take a look at this trailer….just wear headphones if you’re out of your home, as Deadpool is a huge fan of bad-language words.

This movie is rated R, and, as you saw, for a good reason. And while that doesn’t affect me at all, it will affect a lot of other things. Will the movie do as well if all those little boys can’t legally pay to see it? Will there be Deadpool merch in kiddie sizes, and if yes, will it sell well? We’ll have to wait and see.

Rated R Deadpool is a risk, but I think it’s a very interesting one. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the man himself, and who produced the film, was adamant that this movie sticks to the comic roots in all aspects. I trust he knows what he’s doing, and I think that this version will make the comic-readers very happy. I’m excited to see it, just because it looks really cool! Deadpool is sassy and hilarious and it seems to be a really different but real superhero movie.

But recently there was a petition from an 8 year old boy to make a PG-13 version in addition to the R one. It seems like a reasonable request, and many people agreed. But after a surprise screening of the film, Reynolds was asked about the topic and he said:

“I don’t think so. I mean, you saw it. That would be a very short movie. It’s almost a commercial at that point.”

Perhaps if this petition had came about a lot earlier, something may have come of it. But even then, I’m sure writers and producers knew what they were doing when they were creating it. They could have made a kid-friendly version, but that’s not Deadpool. Plain and simple.

After all, kids these days are very internet-savvy and I’m sure they’ll get their hands on it anyways, whether their parents are aware or not.

What are your thoughts on Deadpool, and its R rating? Are you excited to see it, or are you a parent of a young child you’ve yet to break the news to?

P.S. I don’t know who’s in charge of Deadpool‘s marketing, but they’ve done a killer job! Enjoy this slideshow of AWESOMENESS.

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts On Deadpool’s R Rating

  1. I’m pretty excited to see this movie, even though I’m not a fan of Ryan Reynolds. But apparently he’s the perfect guy to play Deadpool. And I’m hella glad he decided not to make a kids friendly movie version.

  2. Interesting article. Personally am glad for the R rating. It’s a chance to do something different with the superhero genre and judging by its $47 mill earned so far at the US box office, it’s paying off. Never should a lower rated version have been considered for a micro-second. I only hope this could lead to more risky options from studios eg R rated wolverine? A moon knight detective film in a noir style? Something other than 12a safety that follows the traditional framework of comic book movie adaptations

    • I agree that its success will definitely lead to more darker movies. But again, I do wonder about the kids. You mentioned Wolverine, and that’s a big seller for kids as they can buy the toy claws and whatnot. It’ll be hard to separate the appropriate from the inappropriate considering how much superhero genre has been marketed to kids. Kids are violent enough as it is, if you ask me!

  3. This is awesome! I can’t wait to see the movie & even though I didn’t read the comics, after seeing all the commercials and such, I am glad they stuck to the comics. The marketing for this movie was absolutely killer and I adore Ryan Reynolds as an actor. This is like Van Wilder meets Green Lantern.. Except green lantern was terrible but you get what I’m getting at. 😀

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