Monthly Look Ahead: January 2016

This month’s Look Ahead can also function as a Yearly Look Ahead if you so choose. I’m interested to see how people adapt my challenge.

Wow, it’s almost 2016. A whole new year is upon us. Does anyone have resolutions? Perhaps your own Look Aheads will feature some of those. Being excited about resolutions and what’s to come does make them easier to complete and enjoy.

Monthly look ahead

This month I’m looking forward to the following:

  • The new comedy Superstore airs on the 4th. The first three episodes are already available to watch as they aired at the end of November for a sneak peek thing, and they were hilarious, so I’m looking forward to seeing it regularly. It’s on NBC at 8 EST (conflicting with Supergirl, which is unfortunate for me).
  • Hollywood Game Night‘s fourth season begins on the 5th at 8 and that’s a great, relaxing show to watch, hosted by the awesome Jane Lynch!
  • Agent Carter‘s season 2, beginning on the 19th. Peggy Carter is amazing and I’m so excited to see her and the gang back in action for twelve weeks!
  • Marvel is airing a special 75 Year Captain America Special on the 19th (before Agent Carter) which should be good.
  • New school semester starts…I’m not super excited for this, but there is something oddly intriguing about a fresh semester start.
  • American Idol starts on January 6th. I know this show is pretty lame now, but I’ve been watching for seven or eight years, and this is the very last season ever, so I gotta see it through. Plus, this is the best judging panel since the original three, so it’s doable.
  • Grease Live on the 31st starring some really awesome people. After the success of The Wiz Live last month, I have high hopes, and Grease is a classic!
  • This is really silly, but I’m excited to read through all the new blogs that start in the new year. I love reading brand new fresh blogs and supporting them because I think blogging is the best and am always happy to see new people do it.
  • I’m ready to go hit the Quidditch pitch again and hopefully have more tournaments with other schools!

And that’s my January. It’s a month of fresh starts and rejuvenation….and TV. I hope you all have a great month and if your life is in need of a complete new start, then I hope it goes swimmingly!

Happy New Year! Thanks for making my 2015 great!


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