Happy Christmas, And I’m Holiday Movie Trash

Merry Christmas everyone! I don’t know why you’re reading this instead of hanging with family and friends, but I’m flattered nonetheless. Or maybe you’re Jewish or something, which is cool too.

a chistmas coolbean

Well, this post could be over now, as I did what I wanted to do, but instead, I thought I’d amuse you all by sharing what I did these past few weeks. Maybe you saw my Facebook post saying that I was going to watch as many Christmas movies I could since I was bored and alone. All my friends were still in school and my family worked. Since daytime TV is pretty bad, I decided to watch those straight-to-TV Christmas movies, as there always seemed to be at least one on. I figured I’d get to six or something before I got bored or my friends freed up.

I watched over twenty. Twenty four to be exact. On one day alone I did four. I’m holiday movie trash, and I know it. It was kind of fun, though. There were so many different plots, some good and some bad, and I’m kind of weak for cheesy tropes when it comes to Christmas, which these movies were full of.

Here are the movies I watched in order, and perhaps you should bookmark this post for next year because I actually came across some winners.

  1. Holiday In Handcuffs – this is one of my fave Christmas movies ever
  2. Will You Merry Me – I watched this before I decided to watch Christmas movies
  3. Holidaze -this one too
  4. A Cookie Cutter Christmas – sooooo cheesy
  5. Hats Off To Christmas
  6. Holiday Baggage – probably my least favourite
  7. Window Wonderland – This was one of the best ones.
  8. Last Chance For Christmas
  9. On Strike For Christmas
  10. Last Holiday -wasn’t much of a Christmas movie, but alright
  11. The Santa Con -There were some neat plot twists and an un-cliche ending
  12. A Golden Christmas
  13. On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas – Pretty cute, one of the better ones
  14. Christmas Switch
  15. Call Me Mrs. Miracle – my whole family got into this
  16. All She Wants For Christmas
  17. Under The Mistletoe
  18. So This Is Christmas – The weirdest one, involving teen drama to the max
  19. Finding John Christmas
  20. Angels In The Snow – Saw the ending coming, but it was still good
  21. Catch A Christmas Star
  22. Christmas Lodge
  23. Angels And Ornaments
  24. Ice Sculpture Christmas – a decent movie

I have no social life. Maybe next year I’ll beat the record.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a Coolbeans day, no matter what you’re celebrating. See you in a few days for a post that I’m super excited for.

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