Jessica Jones: AKA I Watched It!

This post is pretty spoiler free. Most of what I say here is made known through the promo. I swear I won’t give away anything of importance!

I had my reservations about Jessica Jones. Since the first episode was shown at NYCC ages ago, people said that it was dark…a lot darker than Daredevil, which I already found a few shades too dark. But I decided that if I watch with all the lights on and accept the fact that Marvel has me so whipped that I can’t avoid this show even if I tried, I might as well go for it, as soon as I could. And that I did.

If you have no idea what’s going on, Marvel just released the first season of its new Netflix show called Jessica Jones, and it is the second part in The Defenders series, with the first part being Daredevil, which came out in April 2015. Jessica Jones is about a PI who is an ex-superhero. She’s still got the powers, but is more interested in leaving her old, complicated past behind. Watch the trailer here! The comics were known for being ridiculously 18A and that translated to the show very much, so do not let your twelve year old cousin watch this.

I can’t help but immediately compare Jessica Jones to Daredevil. The medium is the same.  The darkness is the same. The small town low-key problem is the same. But the similarities pretty much end there.

If I could describe Daredevil in one word, it’d be gritty. The fighting style, the humour, the villain, the filming. All gritty.

Jessica Jones is, in plain, disturbing. Everything is disturbing. It’s not about the level of darkness, it’s the level of disturbingness. The first two episodes were creepy, obviously, as the show was being set up and viewers needed a reason to stay. That being said, even I, one who feverently dislikes dark and gruesome, made it through. After that, the episodes weren’t too bad…or maybe I just build up a bit of an immunity. But it did get pretty twisted at the end, so be aware. Either way, I survived. So if you’re on the fence, just know that it’s not too bad in the middle. This show covers just about every dark theme imaginable, but it’s done well…if that makes sense.

So obviously, the dark and disturbingness is what I liked least. But let’s talk about what I do like. Because I do kind of like this show. There’s no other Marvel or even DC show like it. For one, we got a female lead. Strong in many ways. In fact, this show has a lot of females. I never used to be a huge fan of Krysten Ritter, but she’s good in this. She plays the dark, but she’s also the only source of comedy, and by comedy I mean a dry, one-liner once in a while. But she’s all there is. I mean, at least Daredevil had Foggy Nelson for some chuckles.

Other characters include Jessica’s best friend, the creepy villain Killgrave (played by David Tennant, who has managed to surpass Barty Crouch Jr levels of disturbingness, which I didn’t know was possible), Luke Cage (the next Marvel Netflix star), a police officer who looks so much like Steve Rogers, a rich lesbian lawyer, a druggie, and a young girl caught up in the mix (somewhat like DD‘s Karen). Most of the above listed characters are ‘the team’, and the team aspect is something that I enjoyed. Matt Murdock flew solo and though Jessica wishes to avoid it, she’s got help. It makes for a good mix.

Luke Cage is the most interesting of the bunch. For the first few episodes, he’s basically solely the love interest, which amused me. Later on he gets a bigger role and it’s a very neat intro for his own series, which is next to come.

Like Daredevil, or, more so, actually, all the characters on this show severely blur the lines between good and evil. It’s twisted but captivating. This genre is the superhero genre, but there’s no clear hero…it’s just…super.

Another thing I liked was that once in awhile, Jessica would do a voice over. Not long, not often, but once in awhile, and that was enough to pack a punch.

Overall, this show is interesting. It’s more convoluted than Daredevil, but more dark and disturbing too. If you’re a fan of the comics, or you liked Daredevil or you want to see a really intense psychological action thriller, then this is the show for you. Of course I spew warnings on just how creepy it is, so maybe watch with friends or something, but definitely do watch.

Another win for Marvel. I’m not surprised.

That’s all for now!


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