A Great Big World’s ‘When The Morning Comes’ Album

A while ago there was this song called ‘Say Something’ that got very popular. You must have heard it. It was a dang good song.

Musical duo A Great Big World seems to specialize in dang good songs. I could go on and on about their first album ‘Is Anybody Out There’ but this post is dedicated to their most second and most recent album that came out a few days ago. It’s called ‘When The Morning Comes’.

What I love about AGBW is that their music is very versatile. They can go from the most emotional and deep ballads to very fun, funky upbeat songs. And the thing about their upbeat songs is that they’re not really fit for dancing at a party or something (though I totes would dance to them!) but the songs are, in my mind, ideal to be on a movie soundtrack, playing in the background right during the fun montage of events leading up to the climax, ya know? They make you feel things in your soul and I adore that.

Not to mention that these songs are ridiculously catchy. And they’re so dang good that I don’t mind!

‘When The Morning Comes’ has 11 songs (technically 12 if you count a double) and they’re all good songs. Of course I like some more than others, but I don’t hate any songs, which is great. I personally like the upbeat ones more, but that’s just me. I’ve linked my faves below. Give them a listen now!

All I Want Is Love

End Of The World


The Future’s Right In Front Of Me

Aren’t these songs so great? Their voices blend so well together! I gotta say, the album’s cover art is a little underwhelming, but the amazing songs make up for it! And my only other complaint is that ‘When The Morning Comes’ came out just as Christmas music started, so unfortunately I won’t be able to fully appreciate these songs until January. But I do really love A Great Big World and this album, so maybe I’ll squeeze them in sooner! 😛

But if you want to appreciate these songs right now, you can listen to all the songs on AGBW’s YouTube channel here or buy the songs on iTunes here!

That’s all for now! 🙂

P.S. They have a single out called ‘Hold Each Other’ and that song has female and male pronouns, which is basically never used on mainstream music, so that’s awesome! I have so much respect for them just from that!



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