Finally Facebook!

Facebook has been around for about a decade. It’s the biggest social media site and maybe the biggest site ever. I’m too lazy to look up statistics, so let’s just go with that. Either way, we all know of Facebook and most people are active users of it.

Up until recently, I was not. And I know that must sound ridiculous as I’m 19 and spend far too much time on the internet, but somehow I managed to stay away from Facebook for a long time.

You see, when Facebook came out, I think I was in grade 6 or 7. My parents were very strict and protective when it came to the internet and personal information. I swear they must have read every single horror story about the internet and decided that to protect me, I didn’t need a social life, because the less friends one has growing up, the less one can get into trouble in the future. My parents worried the internet would lead to homelessness or unemployment or death. You know, because I’m a complete idiot who can’t handle herself online. Remember MSN? I don’t. I didn’t have that. It also didn’t help that my parents aren’t the best with technology, so they didn’t even use Facebook, meaning I didn’t even have the chances. I know they were just looking out for me because they loved me and all that jazz, but I want the record to show that my social life and personality suffered.

Anyways, in grades 7 and 8 when it seemed that all my peers had Facebook, and when I was excluded from a few social events due to me not having it, of course I wanted to get it then, but once I got to high school, Facebook seemed to almost take a dive in popularity and no longer did I feel the pressure to join. Those four years were nice.

And then came University. The need for Facebook in University jumped up again as people were meeting left and right and forming groups. Somehow, I managed to survive first year without it. Again, in hindsight, my social life may have suffered a bit too.

Which brings us to now and my choice to go with the flow and get Facebook. I guess the stars aligned and the time was right, as I had several reasons to do so:

  1. To stay connected with friends.
  2. As a communications student who wants a career in communications, knowing how to use the biggest social media tool is a must. I need to learn somehow. After all, if Grandmas can work it, so can I!
  3. To promote this blog!
  4. Literally no one was stopping me. My determination to not conform was my biggest road block but I see now that it was unnecessary.
  5. Stay up to date with the happenings of my school and whatnot. My Quidditch team converses a lot on Facebook and I didn’t want to be left out of that!
  6. I was growing weary of the looks of judgement I’d get when I’d tell people I didn’t have Facebook.

I’m going to be honest with you, promoting my blog was a huge factor. In the first Blogging 201 course I took, I found out that a lot of people use Facebook to promote their blogs and that it was working wonders for them. I also took a course on blogging in University and my prof couldn’t stop raving about how great Facebook is for reaching people. I’m already on Twitter (though with a sad number of followers) but here’s hoping that this blog gets read by a bunch of new people because Coolbeans4 is officially on Facebook! The page is HERE. I’m not 100% sure how to use Facebook yet, but I am learning, so any tips you guys have is greatly appreciated.

If you’ve got a Facebook page for your blog let me know and I’ll…like it? Is that the Facebook equivalent of a follow? Just…tell me what to do!

That’s all for now!


6 thoughts on “Finally Facebook!

  1. I can totally understand your parents not supporting Facebook when you were still in grade school. But in highschool you say that you made the choice to not conform and that speaks to your personality more than not having Facebook for all these years adversely affected it.
    Personality is part of your DNA and life experiences teach you to know yourself and what makes you tick. Some personality traits make it easy to make friends, for example, and some make it harder. I doubt a Facebook account could have altered that or will affect your personality now that you have an account.
    Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy being on Facebook and that it helps promote your excellent blog and helps you stay connected with friends & family that you don’t see often.

  2. Hey there! I was the same as you — I wasn’t into Facebook because I felt like it was taking over normal human connection. But by grade 9, on a whim I decided to do it. And I still wasn’t active on it until university when like you say, everybody’s using it to organize groups.

    I wrote a similar post about Facebook and why it’s not awful. If you’d like, it’s here:

    And if you like my blog, you can find my page here:

    Thanks for the read! You have a new follower, fellow Potter fan 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m almost 50, and I just recently took the social media plunge. I’m a teacher, and I’ve found how helpful it can actually even be in my classes. Who knew? I’ve found that there is far more useful information available via social media than I imagined.

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