Monthly Look Ahead: November 2015

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Can you believe this year is almost over?

November is tomorrow, and unlike last month, I actually have more to look forward to. And if you’re just joining me, this is a monthly blogging feature that you all can participate in!

Monthly look ahead

While the cold weather is not something I am looking forward to, I am looking forward to:

  • Marvel’s new Netflix show Jessica Jones comes out on the 20th! Following their last Netflix show, Daredevil, I am pretty excited to see this. Hopefully I won’t have a busy weekend so I can watch them all right away!
  • WordPress has a brand new Blogging 201 course that’s different from the Blogging 201 course I took in September, so I’m really excited to learn more and interact with bloggers! This will be running from the 2nd to the 13th.
  • Christmas music. It’ll start mid to late November on a local radio station, and I am hyped. I love Christmas music. And since Thanksgiving in Canada already came and went, I don’t feel bad about getting in the Christmas spirit early.
  • Hunger Games Catching Fire Part 2  comes out on the 20th as well. However, I’ll probably wait until I go home so I can go see it with my friend. But this movie is the last one of a great series, so I’m excited to see it.
  • Cold weather equals dying bugs. And as someone who is extremely afraid and creeped out by even the smallest of insects, I can’t wait to be free from their reign for a few months.

  • A Great Big World, which is a singing group (perhaps you’ve heard their song ‘Say Something’?), has a new album coming out on the 13th, and their last album was pretty good, so I hope their new one is good too! If it is, I’ll deffo write a post on it!

November will be a busy month, so these things that I look forward to will get me through it! Like, always feel free to participate, as I love reading your posts!

That’s all for now!


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