I Think I’ve Sold My Soul To Michael Schur…

There’s a chance you may not know who Michael Schur is, and that’s okay. I don’t expect you to. He’s the mastermind behind shows like The Office [US] (writer), Parks And Recreation (creator/producer/writer), and more recently, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (creator/producer). Parks And Rec is one of my favourite shows ever, and so many times, I’ve considered writing a post on why it’s amazing and why you should all watch it right away, but now I have an excuse to do so as I’ve come to terms with the fact that Michael Schur can make anything and I will watch it. He was also an SNL writer for a few years and played Dwight’s cousin Mose in The Office. Though he didn’t make these shows alone, he played a big part in their existence and for that, I am a huge fan!

Parks And Recreation was my first Schur watch. I had seen pictures/gifs of the show and had a few days off last December, so I gave it a go and fell in love. It’s hilarious and fun and the characters are amazing. I managed to watch the last season as it aired, and I regretted not watching the show years ago, because it is such a great show and I need everyone to go watch it now! I could go on for ages about how wonderful and genuine and consistently phenomenal this show is. It deserved those Emmys!

A few months later, I decided to watch The Office, partly because it was a classic TV show of the past few years and partly because it was also a Michael Schur show. In fact, Parks And Rec was supposed to be its spinoff, but then they decided nah. And like Parks And Rec, I very much enjoyed it (though not as much). It took me a few seasons to like Michael Scott, but eventually I was on board. And yes, I do agree that the show suffered when Steve Carell left, but it wasn’t awful. The show also has great lines and characters (Jim and his shenanigans were what hooked me at first) and was honestly funny.

So you’d think that I’d be all over the new Schur show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is currently a few episodes into its third season. But I’m not. Well, wasn’t. You see, I have this slight annoyance with shows that lack originality in terms of a plot. Take a second to think about all the doctor shows in the world. Do they really differ? No. (But I could be wrong as I haven’t actually watched any but probably not, feel free to argue with me). Cop shows are like that. I can think of so many, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine was just another title on that list. Until recently, when I had a weekend with nothing to do and the knowledge that it was apparently a good show (8.3 on IMDB or something). I sat down and watched it all.

While I still won’t be watching any more cop shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was pretty funny, with interesting characters, like expected. While the plot didn’t glamorize mundane jobs like The Office and Parks And Rec did, it was not set up like police crime of the week and in fact was more about working adults than it was working police officers, if that makes sense (though I do still wish it wasn’t a cop show). I also miss the mockumentary style and think it would have perhaps helped make the cop show more unique. Either way, the show wasn’t all bad. Parks And Rec really picked up for me in S3 so I have high hopes for this show now. Something about Andy Sandberg still slightly bothers me (I think I’ve worked it out to the fact that he looks like a puppet), though I have warmed up to him considerably, and his character, the lead, Jake Peralta, is pretty likable. The other characters are fairly likeable and unique as well, though Rosa and Gina both remind me of Parks And Rec‘s April Ludgate because they lack facial expressions too. I’m excited to see the characters grow and interact with each other more.

I think that what I simply love about these shows is that they’re genuinely good, smart shows. They’re funny, but they’re not reliant on dumb, random humour. It’s never racist or sexist or offensive (unless it’s Michael Scott…in which case, it’s Michael Scott). These shows have smart jokes, puns and more, all from characters that I aspire to be like. Not to mention that it’s all appropriate humour. Aside from maybe a few lines here or there, it’s pretty good for all ages.  These are shows that promote friendship and kindness and true love, even if you’re an average person, and I think that’s really great to see on TV. Furthermore, the acting is perfect, not forced or cheesy or intolerable at all. Though sometimes the plots can be very slightly cheesy, they’re not that bad compared to so many other comedies out there (she says, half-watching Cougar Town at 2am…now that is a bad show…).

So if you’re not already watching these shows then go forth and do so because I love them and amazing shows with amazing casts and amazing crews like Michael Schur need to be supported and shared and loved by all. As a TV lover, it’s good to know that there are quality shows on the air and will continue to be with precedents like The Office, Parks And Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine around.

This is Michael Schur and he is responsible for so much happiness in my life. Thank you.

That’s all for now!

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