Monthly Look Ahead: October 2015

Fall is in the air. Tomorrow is October and that means it’s time for my Monthly Look Ahead! This is a monthly blogging event I created, so feel to take the image and participate yourselves!

Monthly look ahead

This month, I’m looking forward to:

  • The Flash premiere on October 6th. Season 1 set us up for what I hope will be an exciting Season 2.
  • The Supergirl premiere on the 26th. I already saw the pilot, which I wrote about here, but I’m excited to see more!
  • Thanksgiving! In Canada, Thanksgiving is in October, so having a few days off to go home and see family and friends will be nice.
  • Halloween….candy. I’m not a fan of being scared, and at my age, you can’t enjoy Halloween unless you do, so I’m solely interested in the candy that I’ll be able to get my hands on.
  • Pumpkin seeds, maybe? I may have to get and carve a pumpkin just so I can roast the seeds, which I love! Last year people on my floor carved pumpkins as part of a community event but I just hung around and took all their seeds.

Since October is largely a Halloween-centred month that I don’t really dig, I never have a lot going on. But maybe you do, so go on and tell me!

kT8ojq4Lc.jpg (2000×2413)

That’s all for now! If you need me, I’ll be chatting about last night’s Agents Of SHIELD premiere and other various shows on my Twitter! 🙂


23 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: October 2015

  1. Fan of agents of shield here but taped it, working on other stuff. People in my area seem to love Halloween, mostly for the decorations. I think people just really like to decorate their houses. I do some but it’s not my favorite holiday. When my kids were little I had to encourage (force, lol) them to trick or treat more till we had enough chocolate!

    • I like Halloween decorations too, as usually they’re more fun than scary. I had a few houses on my street go crazy with their decorations when I was little, which was exciting. 😛

  2. Never having a Starbucks is not at all awful. It’s pretty smart actually. Good on you for not spending your hard earned money on overpriced beverages,despite it being a trendy thing to do. Having said that, you should at least try one flavored latte from Starbucks, sometime. If there is one on your campus, perhaps you could treat yourself? And don’t even get me started on football.

  3. I’m looking forward to doing a UV Hallowe’en photo series. …That sounds a lot weirder than it should.

    Last year I tried to do a Hallowe’en microfilm series, but ran out of time so it became a Christmas one, with the house changing between the two holidays. So I guess I could say I’m hopeful I could do it again and maybe achieve a series each, just time is a cruel fellow.

    • Hi there! I usually post them on the last day of the month, but that’s just me. I see you linked to a different month, and that’s fine. 🙂 I’m just happy to have people participate so thanks!

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