What I Learned From Working In A Book Warehouse

This summer, I got a job. A real one, because according to my parents, having a paper route for six years “doesn’t count.” Anyways, I worked in a book warehouse, which was neat. I enjoyed it a lot. I mean, I love books, so it was perfect. I saw more books in a week than most people do in a year.

Image result for i love books gif
This was me every day at work

I’d never done anything like this before, so I learned a lot. And I don’t just mean learning the ins and outs of a new job. I learned a lot in that way, too. But I learned some really…interesting things. Such as:

  • I’m stronger than I look or thought I was. I was lifting and carrying boxes of books that I didn’t think I could. Male coworkers were surprised. As was I, to be honest.
  • Jenga is nothing compared to the stacks of books I had to deal with.
  • Sometimes I worry that if I was to hypothetically have a baby that I’d drop it, but I am now really good at manoeuvring one hand while dealing with a large load in the other.
  • There are so many books.
  • Like, on every subject imaginable. Why people want to read half the books I came across is a mystery.
  • It’s cheaper to ship a book across the globe than a few cities over. #ThanksCanadaPost
  •  Some customers are whiny brats who don’t read the informative notes we carefully type.
  • Finding shelf space is a treat.
  • Finding a perfect fit for a single book on a shelf is so satisfying.
  • I am a lot faster at my reaction time for Left and Right. (like, you know how sometimes you have to stop and think about which way if left? Not anymore!)
  • After time, one learned to memorize the shelf. Oh, that book? Yeah, it’s on the back of shelf BBK19.
  • My mind wanders a lot because do you know how many times I’d be walking to a certain shelf and on the way I’d forget what shelf and then have to go back?
  • Taking off price and other various stickers is the W O R S T
  • Ounces are such a silly unit of measurement.
  • Fact: chins were created so we could use them to steady the top of whatever large load we’re carrying.

I mean, overall, I loved the job. I had great coworkers and did some cool things during my time there, but the tips and lessons I learned are clearly ones I’ll carry with me throughout life.

ME. (Except this isn’t actually me. I am a girl. I got this picture off Google. But I did do exactly this many times.)

3 thoughts on “What I Learned From Working In A Book Warehouse

  1. I love books too! I’m absolutely crazy about old books and kinda sad that now e-books have taken over our lives instead of the good old feel of paper and leather in our hands.

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