R5’s ‘Sometime Last Night’ Album

For several years (almost five-ish) I’ve been loving a band called R5. I had seen this band namedropped all over and I got curious. I looked them up and fell in love with their awesome, fun pop sound. Just recently, on the 10th of July, this band dropped their second full-length album and I’m digging it!

Some band backstory as I doubt many of you have heard of them: R5 is composed of four siblings (Rocky, Riker, Rydel and Ross Lynch) and their best friend Ellington Ratliff, hence the R. Perhaps you recognize the Riker or Ross’ names because they’ve done the most noticeable things outside of the band. Riker was runner-up in the most recent season of Dancing With The Stars, and Ross starred on Disney show Austin And Ally.

Though R5 has many amazing songs that I highly suggest you check out, this post is specifically about their new album entitled ‘Sometime Last Night’. The album was supposed to come out late last year (or early this year, I forget), but it got pushed back. I absolutely loved every song on their previous album ‘Louder’ (which is rare for me) so I had high hopes for their new one. I was not disappointed.

‘Sometime Last Night’ is awesome. It’s got the band’s perfect mix of upbeat, great-for-jamming songs with some slower songs that still make you groove. Filled with wicked guitar riffs and perfect harmonies, this is a great album for the summer. The more I listen to it, the more I love it and the more I want to blast the songs and have a big pool party…I don’t even have a pool!

While R5, for the most part, didn’t change their style for this album (not that I’m complaining, don’t mess with perfection!), I did notice a new funkier edge to a few songs, and I didn’t mind that. It made me really enjoy those songs when they came on.

My favourites on the album are:

Like I said, I enjoyed all the songs on the album. They’re all so talented. I like how Rydel’s voice is still highlighted, despite being bombarded by (lovely) male voices, and I like how she gets her solo song on every album. I’m waiting to hear Ellington sing on an album, though!

I can’t wait to see what R5 comes out with in the future. Currently, they’re on tour, so they won’t be putting out new music soon. But right now I’m content listening to ‘Sometime Last Night’ on repeat because it’s so good!

If you want to hear more R5 (and who wouldn’t, with their music being so dang great), check out their YouTube page, and here is ‘Sometime Last Night’ on iTunes.



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