Monthly Look Ahead: August 2015

Perhaps you or a blog you follow do those monthly look back things where they list things they loved from the past month. I enjoy reading them, and they inspired me for a new feature on my blog. When Blogging 101 (which was a great course that I suggest everyone take!) challenged us to start a feature, I came up with this idea. It’s simple and I encourage you all to do it with me!

Monthly look ahead

All you gotta do it share whatever you’re excited for and looking forward to on the last day before a new month and tag the post #MonthlyLookAhead. It’s a way for bloggers to share the little things in life and let readers get to know them better, and it promotes positivity! Yay!

So here, premiering on Coolbeans4 for the first time, is the very first Monthly Look Ahead for August!

  • I’m going to my grandfather’s cottage for a few days. I’m psyched about that as I love it there and haven’t been there in five years. I hope the weather is good!
  • My best friend is turning 19. I’m already 19 so now we can do something fun like go to a bar (and our little brothers can’t come)!
  • I finally got a copy of Chris Colfer’s new Land Of Stories book and I can’t wait to read it
  • This month I’ll finish my in-car driving lessons. I’ll be glad when they’re over because they’re not enjoyable at all. Maybe I’ll be able to do my G2 test this month too.
  • I need to secure a place to live for school because as of right now I’m kinda homeless (oops)

Not a lot happening this month for me…same old, same old, y’know? But that’s why the Monthly Look Aheads are great because they get me pumped for the little things.

Again, I encourage you to do these with me on your own blogs! Get excited about things with me! Feel free to use the graphic!

That’s all for now!

35 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: August 2015

    • Oh my! Thank you so much for participating! A day late is totally okay. Honestly, it’s my fault for not advertising it or mentioning it in advance!
      I hope you had fun! 😀

      • Hi 🙂 Thank you – no, it’s not your fault at all! I’ve been away from blogging most of the time since i tried starting my blog(s) and I’m still quite new – didn’t complete tasks for blogging101 during June, missed July so followed some posts (&201) via Reader tag to pick up tips and see examples. Just now trying to get myself / my blogs together better before trying again for this blogging101 new sign-up 😀
        There are SO many blogging challenge events taking place too and it is summer in at least half the world so childcare, vacations, getting out more maybe – with full-on promo I’ve heard it can take a while to build participation.
        I found this a really useful excercise, your blog and the event post styling sets an ‘enjoy and have fun’ kind of atmosphere. Couldn’t resist the challenge myself, your graphic set it off wonderfully too, loved the splash of colour 😀
        I look forward to visiting your blog again and hopefully will be organised and ready enough to take part again on 31st August for September’s LookAheadMonth. Cheers 😀

    • No worries! Long comments are great because you took time to write and that means a lot!
      Getting into the blogging groove is important so don’t rush it! And there are many people to take Blogging 101 several times. It’s a great course!
      You’re right, there are so many challenges and features to participate in. I guess the key is to find one(s) that work with your blog and you enjoy doing. I think my Monthly Look Ahead is great because it’s only once a month and it works with many blogs.
      Thanks for your kind words and I look forward to post on August 31st too!

      • Well, I’m using an iPhone so that’s probably my problem because if I click on the image I get a link. I’m assuming I need code, not a link. Thanks for your response.

          • Woohoo! I think I was probably saving it in a text widget before. I saved it to an image widget and it worked really slick. Sometimes I wonder how I get out of bed in the morning. LOL 😎 thanks for your patience and assistance.

      • Thanks for your answer but I can’t say it is correct. It is our assignment in Philosophy and it is called a philosophical question. All answers are correct provided with a correct and logical explanation. I would agree to your answer…….

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