Why Do I Blog?

I’m taking part in WordPress’ Blogging 101 course, and the first assignment is to explain why I blog and to introduce myself. I think we’re past the point of introductions now for my followers, and all new people should hit up my About page. But why do I blog…that’s an interesting question that I had to really think about, and I’ve decided to answer.

Blogging….it sounds like such a lame thing. For people not doing it, it sounds like a dorky ‘dear diary’ thing written by a loner teenager on the internet for no one to read. When in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I’m 19 and have been blogging for almost four years (but only a few months on this blog!). Yeah, that means I started when I was 15…I was still a baby! That’s really young for blogging (not that there’s an age limit!) and even now I still feel young. It’s so weird to see people mention kids or their school degrees. But that’s what makes blogging fun! It’s for literally everyone!

I knew nothing about blogging when I started. Literally, I hadn’t even knowingly read a blog. But my mom suggested I start one. She had been reading blogs frequently as a friend’s daughter-in-law or something had a blog and my mom looked it up.

Blogging was a natural fit for me. I’ve always loved to write. I was writing stories from young ages. Granted, they were short, choppy, poorly progressing stories, but for my age, they were masterpieces. Blogging was interesting for me because I hadn’t really written anything that wasn’t fiction. All of the sudden, I wasn’t thinking about dialogue from characters, but instead the dialogue of myself. And I’m finding that myself had a lot to say and had fun doing it. My first blog was on a topic. A topic I was passionate about, but with this blog, it’s different (and freeing!) because it has no topic.

nothing blog
Nah, just kidding, this blog is about many awesome things! But I couldn’t resist the joke!

If I read a book and had thoughts on it, I’d maybe tell a friend or two. Maybe the book would come up in some random conversation a few months later and all my thoughts would come racing back and I’d try to work a few of them into the conversation. But other than that, my thoughts would be kept to myself. But with a blog, I can share my thoughts with people. Real people who actually want to read my thoughts and discuss things.

No one reads blogs they don’t want to read. No one comments on blogs if they didn’t care about the topic. It’s almost all a hobby and a passion for people, so it’s fun. I love being a part of a community and I love interacting with other bloggers. And that’s why keeping a diary has never worked for me. Though I’ve tried, it never worked. Because I need response. I need people to willingly read it. Writing just for me is fine, but it won’t help me grow and get involved. Writing should be shared!

So blogging was a perfect way to do that. WordPress is set up so nicely. It’s not hard to use and I’ve learned so much in my four years. I’m proud to be a blogger! I’m proud to pull up my blog and just look at it and know that I styled it and wrote every word and it’s mine!

I’m assuming most of you reading this are bloggers, but if you’re not then I strongly suggest you start a blog. Especially if you have free time and a love for writing. You can write about anything. Whatever floats your boat! Blogging has changed my life and I look forward to doing it for years and years to come.

And that is why I blog.

Even if you’re not doing Blogging 101, I like a good story, so feel free to leave a comment telling me why you blog or how you got into it!

6 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. I never was able to keep a diary, too. It seemed kind of pointless. But my memory is so bad! When I scroll through my instagram I think “Omg, I totally forgot I went to this place or went to this party…”. I just started blogging recently but I really like it. Everyone is so nice! I love interacting with others, especially when they share the same passions I do. I hope I’ll still be blogging in a few year and than I can look back at my old post and see who and how I was in my 20s.

    • That’s the beauty of the internet; it’s here forever! Looking back on old posts you wrote is fun, especially when you’re documenting your life. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!

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