Five TV Shows I Just Don’t ‘Get’

I obviously have (many) TV shows that I actively keep up with, but when those shows aren’t on, sometimes I have backup shows to watch just because I’m bored or like the background noise.

Backup shows are interesting because my relationships to them vary. I can enjoy them or despise them or like certain aspects, and at the same time, I don’t care too much overall. I haven’t seen every episode and I rarely care what’ll happen next. They’re the side shows and if I really liked them, they’d be main shows. But they’re not.

The thing is, these side shows of mine are surviving and people really love them, and for some of them, I fail to understand how. There are reasons they’re my side shows and I think they’re pretty logical. I’d really love to discuss them all, so I’ve compiled the five side shows I don’t really ‘get’ and explain my reasons here in one post and maybe some of you can explain why they’re supposed to be good or what I’m missing or if I should give them a better shot?

1. Arrow

 What I don’t like: Okay, so this my least problematic of the five. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fan of the darker tone that Arrow has compared to other superhero shows like Agents Of SHIELD and Arrow‘s sister show, The Flash. It’s just not my style. But furthermore, Oliver Queen is not amazing, as far as lead characters go. He rarely smiles and his flashbacks are mostly boring. While he is a fairly nice guy and he cares so much about his family and friends, in terms of a superhero, he’s not special. He has no special power (to be fair, neither does Batman, who is super famous). Yes, he is skilled with his arrow and combat, but that other dude Roy has the exact same abilities. Literally, no one on that team has any superpowers. And I don’t really care about that, I just don’t understand why Oliver is the big deal when he’s pretty average. Lastly, John Diggle has a silly name. Is that from the comics or did a writer really decide to give him such a silly name???
What I like: One word: Felicity. She is the bright, precious, cheery ray of sunshine that is much needed in that group. Her and her pink dresses and smiles. I love her so much and the show would be so depressing without her. Similarly, I love Olicity. She and Oliver balance each other out and their relationship is adorable. If I were to watch the show in its entirety (which I probably won’t) it would be for them.
What I don’t get about it: Why are people so in love with this show when Oliver isn’t special and it’s not a feel-good show? There are better superhero shows out there.

2. Community

 What I like: I knew this show was about community college, but that was it. Then I saw a few episodes. Reruns were on in the morning when there was little else on, so I came to almost look forward to it, to a small degree. This show has a cool premise. I mean, it’s post-secondary, which isn’t as common on TV, but it’s got some older characters so it’s not trashy young people drama. And the characters are what I enjoy about the show. That group of very different people who are all close friends. The group dynamic as well as the dynamic between pairs is great. Jeff and Annie are cute together, and I hope they’re endgame. I also like how Shirley, the black woman, isn’t the stereotypical sassy black lady.
What I don’t like: The show itself is weird. Like, really weird. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes, but I’ve seen episodes done in animation, stop motion, puppets, alternate universe…I mean, is the show even about community college? I don’t understand how people enjoy such randomness in the show. And I know that just having the characters do school work wouldn’t be all that thrilling, it’d be less weird than what’s gone on. Perhaps that’s why the show has been cancelled and picked up and cancelled and picked up so many times.
What I don’t get about it: As interesting as the characters are, there’s no way that they’re carrying the show when the plots are as crazy as they are. I can’t get into the humour because I’m too busy wondering why I’m watching such craziness and who allowed it on TV.

3. The Big Bang Theory

 What I don’t like: It’s always on. Which was good for a while. But the more I watch it, the more I dislike it. Sheldon is annoying. He’s rude and uptight and should have no friends considering the way he treats them. Has he once done something nice just to be nice or because he cared? I feel bad for the other characters for putting up with him. Especially Amy, who is dating him. That relationship is, by the way, super forced and awkward. I mean, it was quite clear that Sheldon had no intentions of dating Amy or anyone for that matter. They should have made him asexual and aromantic or something. Furthermore, I don’t watch this show and feel smarter. The science they use in the show is very complicated and comes off sometimes as obnoxious, so I doubt it’s understood by the majority of viewers. So the humour isn’t coming from the science, it comes from the fact that nerdy science is used.
What I like: These characters, as annoying as they all may be, are proud nerds (excluding Penny). As a nerd myself (to a much, much, much lesser degree) I like how they’re not ashamed to love superheroes or hobbits and engage in related activities. They also refuse to change for anyone. It’s neat to see that represented on TV.
What I don’t get about it: I simply can not get over how dang awful Sheldon is. He’s the main character and therefore always the center of attention and so I, as a viewer, cant avoid it. And none of the other characters are really all that loveable. Do people seriously consider it a quality comedy show?

4. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

 What I like: It’s amusing, I guess. And it has one female character, Dee, who hangs with the group of guys, and I relate to that. I don’t actively watch it, but sometimes it comes on after a show I do want to watch, and I get lazy and don’t change the channel.
What I don’t like: It’s not all that funny. In fact, it’s kind of silly. The characters aren’t smart and so the show is basically watching them get into ridiculous situations and get drunk. Danny DeVito’s character is actually gross, and the relationship between him and the other characters is odd and not at all likeable. The characters are very flawed, but not in the character-development way or the I-could-deal-with-it way. It’s a weird why-are-you-doing-that way and it just doesn’t sell with me.
What I don’t get about it: What’s the appeal? It’s a crude, low-budget show that really doesn’t offer anything unique or noteworthy. I know a girl who enjoys it and I can’t understand why.

5. 30 Rock

What I like: Tina Fey. That’s about it. I like Tina and think she’s a great person, and I likewise think her character Liz Lemon is cool and relatable and sane. The show is good for a few laughs.
What I don’t like: The characters are larger than life, which I don’t find very relatable. Tracy and Jenna are odd characters and I don’t really find their doings all that funny. They do, however, make Liz seem more and more normal and understandable, which is okay. I don’t get the humour either. Maybe it goes over me, but I feel like I should be chuckling because I know when the jokes are, but I don’t find them funny. They’re random and not…smart jokes. Unless I’m missing something…?
What I don’t get about it: Basically it’s just the humour. A few times I’ve considered marathoning the whole thing so to better understand it. Because I just don’t find it as funny as it’s perceived to be.

So those are five shows I’m not really into. Like I said, if anyone likes these shows and wants to discuss why they enjoy it, feel free to do so, because I’m seriously interested in understanding their appeal. Likewise, if you have a side show that you don’t ‘get’, let me know because maybe I watch it.

P.S. I registered for WordPress’ Blogging U 101 course thing, which should be neat…Anyone else doing it? I’ll try not to post too much when doing it! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Five TV Shows I Just Don’t ‘Get’

  1. I’m doing 101 too! Have you done it before? I did it back in January, it’s good 🙂 I don’t know 4 of these but I do love Big Bang theory. I’d even go as far to say that I love Shelton too! I think it’s because of how awkward and rude he is, there are so many scenes he’s in that emphasises how dim he is in terms of being a social creature and I think that’s why I love him, he actually just doesn’t know how to be anyway other than how he is and the whole group realise that and know that he’s rude and obnoxious and sometimes point out to everyone how superior he is but they accept him anyway and they love him as a friend and I think maybe that’s why I enjoy it, because even though sheldon is a bit of a knob at times, they still like him anyway. I just think that’s great because lots of people struggle with acceptance (myself included) becuasue of who they are and what they like and yet this whole small group of people have managed to form a lasting friendship and be totally accepting of each other even though they’ve all got their little funny things about them. None of them care anyway 🙂 at least that’s how I see it and I just think it’s funny lol

    • Oooh, a 101 buddy! I’ve never done 101 before…I’m excited though!
      It’s interesting how you love Sheldon when I despise him. I guess I can see how you and others find his habits amusing. And you’re right, the friendship despite personality part is cool, and I can see how that’s appealing. I’m glad you can enjoy the show and Sheldon. Maybe the next time I watch it, I’ll try and see it with what you said in mind! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!

      • You’re welcome 🙂 ooh exciting, I loved doing blogging 101 last time. I did it for a different blog though so it’ll be nice revisiting with a different audience/subject! Yeah, I find Sheldon so funny! I don’t know why because he can be a jerk but I just do haha

  2. Thank God I am not the only one who does not get the hype of Arrow! Everyone is just so obsessed with that TV show, I’m having headaches every time I hear ‘That TV Show is the BEST!’ The Big Bang Theory however, it’s a love-hate relationship with that show, Sheldon is not really affectionate with other people, although deep down he does care for them; I mean that’s what close friends do, being too straight-forward, but yeah, I do agree with sometimes he becomes too rude to everyone, but they make it work, I just wish they don’t show it on TV that much, in every channel. Oh, have you heard of The Middle? That show is annoying, I want to throw my shoe at them. Haha!

    • I have heard of The Middle and I actually like it. Is it my favourite ever? No. But I do find it amusing and the family dynamic is sometimes relatable and realistic. You’re not the first person I know to dislike that show. I know a girl who hates Brick so much that she won’t watch the show at all.
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I’m a big fan of Big Bang Theory. The reason Sheldon is like he is is because he is a textbook Asperger ( ). This is a condition in which people are socially inept but usually very intelligent. He displays all the symptoms to a tee. I find it humorous because people like him do truly exist in our world, it’s the reality that is funny, the fact that it isn’t made up and as ridiculous as it looks it is in fact a real example of people out there.

    • Yeah, I figured he does, but if I’m not mistaken, in the show, there was an episode where Sheldon got tested and he was deemed perfectly normal? I may be wrong, but I think I heard that. But besides that, even if he did have aspergers or something, he and his actions are used as comedy, which isn’t okay.

  4. I LOVE Community, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and 30 Rock. You’re exactly right that they’re dumb, absurd, and silly, and that is why I like them! Hahaha. I’ll defend IASIP specifically: I love it BECAUSE the characters are awful. I’m a counselor, and my whole self-chosen purpose in life is to help people grow and change. However, sometimes my brain just wants a rest, and it is extremely fulfilling to watch jerks being jerks and not learning from their mistakes. Why? I don’t really know. But I marathoned all eight seasons in a couple weeks, so I guess it was hitting some button.

    • Well at least you’re enjoying them because I can’t stand some of the characters. Why there are some real awful characters in coveted positions on TV boggles me when there are some really cool, nice, kind, smart characters out there that are overshadowed.
      But I get the whole veg out to silliness thing. Sometimes you need to surround yourself with fictional characters that are larger than life!

  5. I can pretty much tell you why Community isn’t working for you. It’s a ton of in jokes for people my age. (I’m 49.) I love it, but I knew it wouldn’t last long because it was just too weird–unless you remembered the weird stuff they riffed on– to last.

  6. Oh, I meant to say, I’m totally with you on all the others. I watched BBT for a long time, but when no one punched Sheldon in the face, I gave up. And 30 Rock, it’s OK, but I don’t get why it’s such a big deal.

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