Shania Twain Concert!

I’ve loved Shania Twain for ages. For as long as I can remember, really. Like, I have a Shania Twain cassette tape. And my godmother gifted me her greatest hits CD when I was about 8 or 9, and I played that thing so much. I’m not even that into country music but I jam to Shania every chance I get. So when I saw that she was going on tour after doing her Vegas show for so long (I never had plans to go there but if I ever happened to be in the area I’d definitely have gone!) and she was coming to a city near me, I freaked out. I NEEDED to go. I had a mighty need. And it was right after my birthday, so it made a perfect present from my parents.

So, yeah, I went to a Shania Twain concert last week, and it was amazing. She’s so talented and all her songs are so great! I’ve only been to one other professional concert (Katy Perry a few years ago) and while Katy put on a great show, she just didn’t compare to the fun, fantastic performance that Shania gave in my opinion. I was so excited to see her live. I breathed the same air as her, and that’s just so cool to think about.

I’d see her show again in a heartbeat, but I’m stuck reliving it through the pictures I took. Which, if y’all don’t mind, I thought I’d share here. I was up high and they were just taken on my phone (in my excitement, I forgot to bring a better camera!) but here they are:

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The pictures seem smaller than how my eyes saw it all, but I hope you can see just how awesome this concert was despite my low-quality photography skills! Through this magnificent show, I got to love my favourite songs (and singer!) even more and come to appreciate other songs even more too. I wish she had sung ‘Nah‘ which was one of my favourites, but she sang all my other faves, so I can forgive her!

The opening act was a country singer named Wes Mack. Like I said, I’m not big on the country music scene, so I had no idea who he is, but I did some research and he, like Shania and myself, is Canadian and he’s even done some acting. He’s a Canadian Ed Sheeran in terms of looks, too! I loooooved seeing him come back on stage to sing ‘Party For Two!’

Shania’s tour just started and goes on until October (unless more dates are announced), so if you’re in North America, take a look at this schedule because I highly suggest you go see a show if you can! If you love country or rock or awesome music then go because you won’t regret seeing such a talented, classy, energetic concert! (Especially because I don’t know if she’ll ever go on tour again).

I’m so glad I got to experience a Shania Twain concert. Listening to her songs on my phone is so much fun now because I stop and go I saw her live! Woah! It’s a great feeling and I am forever grateful.

(If the slideshow doesn’t work for you on mobile, try it on desktop)


One thought on “Shania Twain Concert!

  1. That concert was fabulous. She is sooo talented and always keeps it classy. I am so proud to share, not only Canadian heritage with Shania, but Northern Ontario roots as well. I loved Wes Mack too.

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