The Weirdest Thing Recently Happened To Me

I had a full conversation with a stranger on the phone. Unknowingly, of course. I thought it was my grandfather.

Let me explain it all to you. You see, my dad went to visit my grandfather at his cottage for a few days. He was gone on Father’s Day, so my brother and I decided to call them and wish them a happy Father’s Day. My mom dialled then handed me the phone first. And here’s what happened next:

Him: Hello?

Me: Hi, it’s [my name]! Happy Father’s Day!

Him: Oh, yes, thanks! Thank you. (He sounded different, but I chalked it up to a bad phone or the fact that Grandpa wasn’t doing the best health-wise or maybe I caught him just after a nap)

Me: So how’s the cottage?

Him: Good, still alive, still standing. (Something he’d say)

Me: Well, that’s awesome.

Him: Yeah. The lawn needs mowing, though.

Me: Well, tell Dad to get on that.

Him: (chuckles) Yeah.

Me: Oh, thanks for the card you sent. I just got it. (It was my birthday last week and I got a card and cheque from him in the mail)

Him: I sent a card? (Old age, I figured. Or my dad sent it on his behalf)

Me: Yeah…?

Him: Oh…what did it say?

Me:…Happy Birthday…?

Him: Oh, it was your birthday, was it?

Me: Um, yeah…. (He’s never forgotten before, but again, old age)

Him: Okay, good. So, uh, I’m making a pie right now.

Me: Nice! What kind?

Him: Blueberry. Someone picked some last year and froze them and gave them to me, so I’m using them in this pie. So my hands are all gunky….goopy… (there is a blueberry patch near the cottage that we and locals frequent, so that makes sense)

Me: (laughing) Sounds fun!

Him: So what do you have planned for the rest of the day?

Me: The rest of the day? Oh, nothing. Just hanging out at home. Yeah, nothing exciting.

Him: I see. Well, thanks for calling for Fathers Day. That doesn’t happen too often.

Me:…oh, uh, of course, no problem…. (He has five children and twelve grandchildren, so that was kind of odd)

Him: Well, my hands are all messy so I can’t do much, so I’m going to let you go now.

Me: No, wait, has my brother talked to you yet today?

Him: No, not yet.

Me: Okay I’ll get him, hold on. Bye!

And so I passed the phone over to my brother. My mom walked by and I told her that Grandpa sounded different and he didn’t remember sending me a card, but seemed fine otherwise. When my brother was done, he said the same thing, and that our dad wasn’t in. And that was that.

Until later that evening when my dad texted me and asked if I had gotten the card. I said yes and that I thanked him despite him not remembering. Dad asked when I talked to him, assuming it was several days before, but I said it was only a few hours before. Dad said no one there had talked on the phone all day. He sent the cottage phone number and I called it. This time, Grandpa answered and it sounded exactly like him. He gave the phone to Dad and I told him what I had said to this mystery man, and Dad had no explanation, though he found it very funny. Disturbing is what I call it.

So I did end up chatting with my real grandfather, which was a lot more natural and comforting. But both my brother and I are very weirded out by the fact that we both had conversations with some random guy.

I mean, it was harmless and Dad figures that we probably made that guy’s day. It was just very odd how this guy didn’t find it weird or stop the conversation/hang up when I said my name.

So that’s the story of how I conversed with a strange man. I’d ask if any of you have had similar experiences, but I doubt anyone’s wrong number calls have gone on as long as this!


4 thoughts on “The Weirdest Thing Recently Happened To Me

  1. you must have definitely made his day, that’s a good thing 🙂 Maybe he has someone in his family with your name, so he probably found it as odd as you did and nothing more. 🙂

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