Garage Sales!

My dad, who claims to occasionally read my blog, told me a while ago to write about garage sales, so in honour of Father’s Day today, and the awesomeness that is garage sales, here ya go!

Whether you’ve had one yourself or not, you’ve probably seen a garage sale (also called yard sale). And yes, it is essentially people just selling their old junk, but that saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is so true!

Image result for garage sale signs

My dad loves a good bargain and started going to garage sales ages ago. My brother and I used to go with him when we were really little. It’d be seven in the morning and we’d be in the back seat of the car eating dry Fruit Loops and drinking milk in cups with lids so we don’t spill while Dad listens to some awful home improvement talk radio show. Nowadays, my brother would rather sleep in so it’s just me going out with Dad, and I’ve upgraded to shotgun.

Over the years we’ve found some amazing things at garage sales. From video games to books to movies to board games….and all for a fraction of the price in stores! Just a few weeks ago I got 8 seasons of FRIENDS on DVD and a copy of The Fault In Our Stars (the book) for ten bucks! And when I was getting ready to move to school, I got some great things for my room! Ages ago I got a copy of Eragon for a quarter and now that series is one of my favourites! My brother has gotten hockey cards and other sports merch and my Dad has gotten a whole lot of tools and other useful gadgets. It’s always fun to see Mom shake her head in disapproval after we return home with our arms full of ‘junk’. Mom isn’t a fan of our Saturday morning excursions.

We’ve even had a few garage sales ourselves. They’re fun. When we were little, my brother and I would sell lemonade for charity while Mom and Dad got rid of our old junk on our driveway to locals. The circle of life.

The great thing about garage sales is that they’re for everyone. People sell things for all ages. I loved going to garage sales when I was little and I still do and you can bet that I’ll be doing so for as long as they’re around.

I say that because my dad and I fear that garage sales are going extinct. The number of houses we hit have dropped over the years, and often the houses we do go to have little to offer. Dad believes it’s due to the internet. People nowadays are more apt to sell single items on eBay or Kijiji than plan and execute a whole garage sale on some early morning. What losers.

I strongly urge people to do the opposite. Have a garage sale. It’s fun and rewarding it allows for people like my dad and I to come and excitedly peruse through your junk!

Image result for modern family garage sale
Look how much fun Mitch is having at this yard sale!

If you are planning on having a garage sale, here are some tips:

  • Put up signs, but make sure there are enough so people can easily follow them.
  • Make the signs readable. Large, bold print that had all necessary information!
  • For the love of all that is good in the world, take down your signs afterwards!
  • Organize your stuff so it’s all grouped together.
  • Have planned prices for things, or put stickers on things
  • Be flexible. Garage sales are fun because people can bargain on prices.
  • Be reasonable in prices. Remember, this is junk you haven’t touched in ages that you’re selling on your driveway, so don’t expect to get anywhere close to what you paid for it.
  • If your sign says 8am, then be READY at 8am.
  • People are out early, like between 7 and 8, so perhaps be ready for them?
  • Maybe your neighbours want to have a garage sale too, so maybe coordinate with them and have a street sale!
  • Be happy! Smile! Yay!
  • Have a radio playing because music is fun.
Garage sales aren’t just for houses, by the way!

So go forth, you junk hoarders and junk lovers and experience the wonder of garage sales! Whether you’re buying or selling, garage sales make Saturdays even more exciting than they already are!

So tell me, what are your thoughts on garage sales? Ever been to one or had one?

That’s all for now!


4 thoughts on “Garage Sales!

  1. Have you or your dad ever scored something great for your mom? I bet she could warm up to garage sales if you found something she was passionate about for a fraction of the retail cost. I personally would love cast iron cookware or copper pots made in France. They are expensive to buy so I’d have you looking out for these if I had someone going out on my behalf.

    Excellent post by the way and great tips. 🙂

  2. I do remember garage sales…tried one, and it was pathetic…I think it really says something about my mother-in-law (sorry) that no one even wanted her old stuff at 25 cents!

    I think you’re right about more people selling stuff on Ebay, etc. But I tried that, too, and found it to be a HUGE hassle…the postage, the packaging, the…ehhh of realizing you put 15 bucks into getting the item ready to ship, and only got 9 in return after the site took its cut! No thanks!!

    • Not every garage sale can be a hit. There are some that my dad and I just slowly drive by and then decide its not worth get out of the car for. But if you have enough stuff, maybe try again!
      eBay is great for the worldwide market, but if you want an easier and free option, try Kijiji, as it’s more local.
      It all just depends on what people have time and patience for!

      • Time and patience are both an issue for me (lol)…twice I tried going through antiques dealers (because a lot of what we had was made before 1970), and that kind of worked in terms of they took it away and paid me upfront… But they only took what they thought would re-sell…so we still had stuff leftover. 😛 In the end, what was left went to the Goodwill truck!

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