My Archie Movie Dreamcast

I love the Archie Comics. I never read DC or Marvel. I grew up reading Archie and I still read them when I’m between novels. They’re brilliant, funny, and heartwarming. I own hundreds of them. I’ve read some of them upwards of 25 times. So, you get the point. I adore them.

For years there’s been rumours about an Archie movie. I for one would love to see the classic gang hit the big screen, and I get pumped each time a the rumours circulate yet again. Archie is a comic, so if there was to be a movie, it’d be interesting to see if it’d be animated like the Archie TV show was (I never watched the show…I was too young…but I did see a few episodes of Archie’s Weird Mysteries!). Animation today is so great, that I’m sure it’d be fine, but live-action is always a possibility too.

So that’s what I’m doing here. If I was to assemble a cast for a live-action Archie movie, here is who I would cast (my dreamcast, if you will).

I’ve never done a dreamcast, and lemmie tell you, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Since the majority of Archie Comics take place when they’re in high school, I wanted to use actors in that general age range (up to 25 was my limit, excluding the last two obviously). Not that Glee didn’t do a great job turning 30 year olds into 17 year olds, but I wanted to challenge myself. So here are my choices:

Archie Andrews -> Colin Ford


This one proved quite a struggle. Archie is such an iconic character that is so great as a cartoon, it’s almost odd to try to find a live human version. But Colin is attractive enough to have Archie’s womanizer qualities, but still be the average boy-next door. His hair will need to be dyed (please don’t do it a silly, bright orange) but it’s got some wave like Archie. Colin is 18 and known for his roles in Under The Dome and Supernatural.

Betty Cooper -> Willow Shields


Betty Cooper is the sweetest, most down-to-earth girl. She’s blonde, so it was important to me to not have her look like those bleached-blonde characters that run the school, y’know? So I picked Willow, who’s on the younger side, but that means she looks sweet and innocent. Her hair could maybe go a shade lighter and I think she’d look nice with Betty’s bangs. Willow is 15 and is known for her role as Prim in The Hunger Games and being in this most recent season of Dancing With The Stars.

Veronica Lodge -> Ariel Winters


Veronica is Riverdale’s local heiress. She’s sometimes really mean, but often really sweet. I think Ariel could do it well. She’s got Veronica’s dark hair and can easily do both sides of Veronica. Veronica is supposed to have bangs too, but I can see Ariel doing Ronnie justice without them. (Note: Veronica is apparently a brunette, though she’s always drawn to have black hair like seen above. I think that’s assumed to be the same for all the characters with the same ‘black’ hair, which I’ve grown accustomed to, so having actors with black hair is actually ideal). Ariel is 17 and known for her role in Modern Family.

Jughead Jones -> Nat Wolff


The thing about Jughead is that he’s not unattractive. He’s just more interested in food than girls. So I needed to pick an attractive enough guy who could also play up Juggie’s lovable qualities. Nat’s got the perfect hair for Jughead. Literally, photoshop that hat onto him, and it’s perfect. Okay, I’ll do it for you. Observe:

nat jug
Okay, so my Microsoft Paint skills are weak, but you get the idea…

Nat is not my favourite actor out there, but at age 20 and having roles in The Fault In Our Stars and the upcoming Paper Towns, he’ll do.

Dilton Doiley -> Nick Jonas


Nick Jonas? For a shirmpy nerd? It’s weird, but it could work. Nick has Dilton’s curly hair and cuteness. There’d be no need to show the abs. But one of the main reasons I picked Nick for Dilton was because Nick is short. Dilton is really short so Nick’s 5’7” will work. It’s just a shame that Nick’s wonderful singing voice wouldn’t be used in The Archies. Nick, age 22, is best known for being in the band The Jonas Brothers with his bros and he’s acting in Scream Queens this fall.

Reggie Mantle -> Shane Harper


Finding a Reggie proved pretty hard. I needed someone good looking who could be a cocky jerk, and work Reggie’s haircut. Shane Harper was perfect. He’s got the looks down, and I’m sure he could do the role justice. He’s known for his roles in Good Luck Charlie and God’s Not Dead and is 23 years old.

Moose Mason -> Alexander Ludwig


Moose was perhaps the hardest to cast. All the blonde actors I considered were too skinny for the role. Not only is Moose muscular, but he’s tall too. I think I got the perfect guy. Alexander Ludwig is 6’2” and has that large build. He’s known for his role in The Hunger Games and Race To Witch Mountain and is 23.


Midge Klump -> Shailene Woodley


Midge was difficult too. There aren’t many actresses with really short hair. I did consider Emma Watson, but in the end chose Shailene. Her hair would need to be darker, but playing the cute Midge would be great for her. She’s known for her roles in The Fault In The Stars and Divergent/Insurgent. She’s 23.

‘Big’ Ethel Muggs -> Kendall Jenner

Image result for big ethel muggs 

Ethel is unconventionally pretty and tall (hence the ‘big’). Two things that most actresses are not. So after much deliberation I chose the popular Kendall Jenner. She’s over 5’10” and 19 years old. She’s obviously really pretty (y’know, being a model and all), but that’s why makeup artists exist. She’s also fairly new to the acting, so it’d be a cool role for her.

Chuck Clayton -> Tyler James Williams


My first choice for the role of Chuck was Donald Glover, but at age 30, he was far too old. So I picked Tyler James Williams. He’s got Chuck’s hair and physique down. Known for his role in Everybody Hates Chris, he’s been acting for a while. He’s 22.

Nancy Woods -> Samantha Marie Ware

Image result for nancy woods 

A good Nancy was hard to find, because all the young actresses I saw were either too young/too old or didn’t look alike enough for me. In the end I picked Glee alum, Samantha Marie Ware, who looks a lot like Nancy. Nancy doesn’t have a huge role, but 24 year old Samantha will do her justice all the same.

Miss Grundy -> Meryl Streep


My love for Meryl Streep is endless, so when I started thinking about someone to play Miss Grundy, I was glad to give Meryl the role. She’s got the age and look to perfectly play the interesting Miss Grundy. I’d list what Meryl Streep is known for but if you honestly don’t know anything she’s done, then…we have a problem…

Mr. Weatherbee -> Kevin Chamberlin


Mr. Weatherbee is almost as important to Archie Comics as the gang, so I took care in choosing an actor. The hard part about bald men is that so many of them look so evil (looking at you, Dean Norris), and The Bee is anything but. Kevin Chamberlin fit the bill. I think he’ll be great as the loveable principal. Kevin is known for his roles on the Disney show Jessie and has been on Broadway.

I know there are many more characters in the Archie Comics world (Pop, Professor Flutesnoot, Veronica’s dad, Cheryl, Kevin…) but the ones I have are the main people. I think I did a pretty good job casting. Like I said, it was really hard. I have older options for pretty much all of them that I had to change out. That’s not to say that I don’t love who I have. I think they’d be great in and Archie movie. Who knows, maybe this post will get super popular and one day, if an Archie movie is being made, someone important will see this and maybe get my selected actors. Hahaha, that’s the dream, isn’t it?

If you’re an Archie fan, maybe you’ve picked a certain actor/actress out for a role. Let me know who!


10 thoughts on “My Archie Movie Dreamcast

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. You did a great job casting all the Archie comics characters. I especially like Meryl Streep for the role of Miss Grundy. She would be perfect in that role. Your choices are so great they seem obvious. Maybe you have a future in casting as well as writing! 😊

    • Thanks! And yes, Meryl would be perfect for the role because in the few comics where Miss Grundy has a bigger role (other than just teacher) she is witty and smart and Meryl could do that perfectly!
      And funny you mention that, because I did do a career quiz in Grade 10 and Casting Director was pretty high up in my results, so who knows! 😛

          • Really? As a teenager, I honestly have never been a fan of animated TV Shows or movies…Occasionally, I have been convinced to watch a few such as Frozen, Inside Out and Minions…but meh. I like horror and action movies so much more!
            What is your favorite TV show/movie?

            • Yeah I’m not an animated fan either. I’ll watch some animated movies, but I don’t watch any animated shows.
              I can’t do horror! I get too creeped out!
              My favourite shows are Glee and Agents Of SHIELD

              • WHAT? Horror is so much fun! I have watched numerous horror movies with a a bunch of friends on a bus to a national science competition 😉
                Insidious, the Devil, the Babadook, the Exorcist, etc.

                Anyways, I have tried to get into Glee, but it never worked for me. As for Agents of SHIELD

                *SQUEAL* and I never squeal

                Agents of SHIELD is amazing!! I was hooked from the very first episode, and so was my mom, and she never gets hooked onto TV shows.

                We were sad when there was no Season 2, but a few months ago, they added it, but long since have we watched all the episodes. We don’t have cable, since my parents think TV is distracting (hahahaha i find a way to watch anyway) so we can’t watch Season 3 😦 till netflix puts it up

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