Associating Music With Memories

Do you ever hear a song and it automatically makes you think of an event or exact moment in your life? And I don’t mean like the lyrics were deep, I mean like, you happened to have heard that song when doing something thing and now they’re forever tied together.

Let me give a few examples:

My brother and I had a phase where we were really into Rollercoaster Tycoon. We sat for hours down in our dusty basement playing that game on a super-slow computer and loved it. While we played, we had a small radio on the desk next to us. It was set to a local top 40s station and that summer we must have heard Chris Brown’s ‘Yeah 3X’ like a million times. I don’t even like Chris Brown, but every time I hear that song now, I think of Rollercoaster Tycoon. Sometimes I can hear the little computerized theme park sounds (the people’s chatter or the carnival music) too. It’s weird. And nice actually. It brings me back to a happy time where my brother and I had fun. Speaking of my brother, he says the song does the same thing for him too. It’s odd.

Another example is with the song ‘Dead Girl Walking’ from Heathers The Musical. I was obsessed with a few songs on that soundtrack and would listen to them as I walked to and from classes. Now, when I hear that song, especially a certain part near the end, I think of a path I’d take on campus. A specific left turn, actually. I guess that if I played the song when I left my dorm I’d be at that part of the song by the time I reached that turn on the path. Luckily my campus is really nice so it’s a sweet mind picture! 😛

A third example is a few years ago when my family and I went to Vancouver. Right before we left I decided to download a bunch of new music to fill the long hours of travel or silence. I had just found a new band called McFly and downloaded a handful of their songs. So while in Vancouver, I listened excessively. So now when I hear ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’ or ‘The End’ I think of wandering around on those gorgeous Vancouver mountains or taking a ski-lift through complete fog.

I could give you a few more examples but I won’t.

The point is, I think it’s a very fascinating thing. How music can be wired into our brains and bring such random, specific memories. I’m sure there’s a whole science behind it. Psychology is crazy. But I don’t want to ruin the magic. For me, they’re all good memories. And as long as keep hearing the songs, I’ll have those memories. And I can only get more memories. Maybe the next song I listen to will be the next memory trigger song.

Do you guys have any songs that evoke memories in you? Leave a comment and tell me! Link the song too, if you want. Share the music!

That’s all for now!


11 thoughts on “Associating Music With Memories

  1. I can only think of three examples of relating to this.

    The first would be Thirsty by Mariah Carey. It’s a modern RnB influenced song full of attitude and killer vocals, and it’s incredibly fun to sing in the car when you have one of your friends to take the wheel for you. Remind me of Cathy and me driving.

    The second would be Natalie Cole’s cover album “Day Dreaming” (i think it’s called that). When I was younger, my family went to Florida to visit Disney World. On the drive back (yes we drove down there) all I listened to was Natalie Cole’s album. It reminds me of a nice long drive.

    And the third would be Emotions By Destiny’s Child. First break up song. Need I say more? lol

  2. In my case, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from ‘Les Misérables’ means a lot to me, because the lyrics remind me my mother. I wrote a post about it many months ago, you can read it here if you want:

    But also, it’s funny because the whole soundtrack from ‘Les Mis’ reminds me my sister, because we went together to see the show live for the first time.

    I usually listen to soundtracks from musicals, and I enjoy remembering the scenes, the stories and also if I saw the show alone or with someone who is important for me. So it’s like you are not only listening some music, you are doing like a kind of mental exercise 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on justmydailyrant and commented:
    Indeed! Few of my personal examples include the ‘Taylor swift’ phase i was in high school,and used to listen to her songs continuously in a loop,while taking a break from studies,on my terrace.Now whenever I hear a particular catchy phrase,my mind suddenly zooms back to those evenings on my terrace
    Music is such a beautiful thing!

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