Pitch Perfect 2: Better Than Expected!

(I’ll do my best to not spoil!)

Nowadays, sequels suck. That goes double for comedy movies (#sorrynotsorry) so I was a little worried for Pitch Perfect 2. The first one was so great and funny and iconic, and I didn’t want the sequel to go the way of Anchorman 2 (what a monstrosity that was, oh man).

So I am happy to report that Pitch Perfect 2 was actually good! Was it as good as the first one? No. But it was still great. Like the first movie, there was aca-amazing music and mashups, humour the whole time, and a plot that made sense.

As the promos showed, this movie takes place three years later, when most of the Bellas are ready to graduate. After a musical mishap, the Barden Bellas aim to win the World Championship as their swan song.

In terms of the music, I would say it was equal to that of the first movie. A fine mix of new songs, old songs, and genres. Something for everyone and nothing awful overall. Coolbeans, right?

As for the humor, I was expecting a lot of stupid humour. You know, that crap that made millions in The Interview, but there wasn’t much of it in Pitch Perfect 2. It was a lot of witty, smart humour, and jokes built up/continued from the last movie, so that was nice. And the silly humor that did come was from Fat Amy, so it was mostly tolerable. However, there were some jokes that were either too long/not funny. Unfortunately, it came from Beca, which I was somewhat disappointed in. Either way, all in all, the humor was good. I had a smile on my face for most of the movie, so that’s a plus.

I kept trying to guess the plot. I kept waiting for the predictable tropes. I guessed Beca would have to choose between the Bellas and her other thing (no spoilers) but that never happened, so yay. I also guessed that there’d be more internal drama between the Bellas, but there wasn’t. That’s not to say that the movie was 100% original, though. In fact, there’s a scene during the World Championship that is identical to one in episode 2×16 of Glee.

What about Beca and Jesse, you ask? The darling couple of Pitch Perfect? They were there and just fine. Their stability was refreshing and cute, and left room for some new romances to bloom. Speaking of romances, I definitely picked up on some sexual tension between Chloe and Beca. I didn’t really see it in the first movie like people apparently did, but it was pretty clear in the second. Coming mostly from Chloe, and maybe it was the movie mocking the fans, but it was there either way.

All in all, I was happy with this movie. I loved seeing the cast again, doing their thing (including new addition Hailee Steinfeld who was also in Begin Again). I was impressed with the humour and plot and am overall glad that Pitch Perfect managed to get such an aca-awesome sequel. I totally suggest you go see Pitch Perfect 2 if you enjoyed the first movie. It was a perfect ending to a great story (and I’m serious, I don’t think another movie should come. It’d be after college and likely wouldn’t be as good).

P.S. If you do see it, make sure you stay through the credits! 😉


4 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect 2: Better Than Expected!

  1. I just watched it and it was superb! Although it was predictable, but still what a great watch! I love Hailee though! I think she’s as bad-ass as Anna! 🙂

  2. I saw it right after school and I was surprised by it too. It didn’t suck and I got to see Pentatonix so that was amazing! did you know that the groups from “around the world” are actually around the world. That is doing some research!

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